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Orion Corporation: Managers' transactions - Konsta Westerlund

ORION CORPORATION MANAGERS' TRANSACTIONS 13th of JUNE 2017 at 22.15 EEST Orion Corporation: Managers' transactions - Konsta Westerlund

Orion Corporation has received the following disclosure under Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No 596/2014, regarding transactions with shares and linked securities in Orion Corporation made by managers and their closely associated persons.

Person subject to the notification requirement
Name: Westerlund, Konsta  
Position: Closely associated person
Person discharging managerial responsibilities in issuer
Name: Westerlund, Heikki
Position: Member of the Board/Deputy member
Initial Notification  
Reference number: 74370029VAHCXDR7B745_20170613200509_3
Name: Orion Oyj
LEI: 74370029VAHCXDR7B745
Transaction details
Transaction date: 2017-06-13
Nature of the transaction: Gift, Donation or Inheritance (Received)
Instrument: Share
ISIN: FI0009014368
Volume: 8000
Unit price: 56,70000 Euro
Aggregated transactions
Volume: 8000
Volume weighted average price: 56.70000 Euro

Orion Corporation

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Orion Corporation
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