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Orion supports humanitarian work in Turkey, Syria and Ukraine

Orion extends our deepest sympathy with those living through the earthquake crisis in Turkey and Syria. We have also continued to support Ukraine in the country’s fight against Russian invasion.

To support humanitarian work, we donated EUR 30,000 in February 2023 to the Disaster Relief Fund of the Finnish Red Cross.

The Red Cross will coordinate the donated funds to those areas in the world that are most affected by disasters. Collaborating with an established international organization enables us to ensure that our donations have maximum impact for those in need. In February 2022, we donated EUR 51,000 to aid relief efforts in Ukraine, also through the Finnish Red Cross.

Medicine donations through partners

We are currently also investigating donating medicines to Turkey and Syria. Orion has previously donated medicines to crisis areas through International Health Partners (IHP) and an EU mechanism with the support of the Ministry of the Interior of Finland.

As of February 2023, Orion has sent pharmaceutical products totalling EUR 2,5 million (calculated sales price) to crisis areas, mostly to Ukraine. We will continue to donate medicines to crisis areas in partnership with these organizations and according to the needs communicated to us by them.