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Recharging at work

Orion’s employees in Espoo, Kuopio, Salo and Turku can recharge their electric and hybrid cars in the car parks of the company’s plants and facilities. This way, they can help lower emissions arising from commuting and reduce the total burden on the environment.

“Orionees are delightfully well aware of the climate impact of carbon dioxide emissions from transport. I value the fact that our employees have shown a clear interest in the environmental responsibility of driving. Many are considering or have already transferred from combustion engine and diesel cars to more environmentally friendly electric and hybrid cars.”

– Tero Pietikäinen, Fleet Manager, Orion

Orion employees are increasingly choosing electric or hybrid cars. Orion is also phasing in all rechargeable cars when replacing its company cars.

At its head office in Espoo, Orion has charging points for ten electric or hybrid cars for employees and for two rechargeable cars in the guest car park. In addition, the company has two charging points in Kuopio, six in Salo and eight in Turku.

Orionees are very aware of environmental issues, and we want to support our employees in making environmentally friendly choices in their personal lives, too. It is therefore important that Orion provides its employees with a recharging service during the working day.

Why raise the bar?

Although our greatest environmental impacts come from elsewhere, we believe it is also important to have an impact on carbon dioxide emissions from driving and increase opportunities for our employees to do their bit for the climate. Increasing the number of charging points is a practical measure to reduce emissions from driving.

How are we raising the bar?

More than half of the company cars we have ordered are rechargeable, and a project to increase the number of charging points is underway in all our locations. During 2022, sixty charging points will be added in Espoo, so that employees who wish to recharge their car during the working day have an opportunity to do so.

In the car park at the Espoo head office, electric and hybrid cars were recharged for a total distance of 125,000 kilometres in 2020. This corresponds to a reduction of 18 tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions from transport.