Rules of the competition

If you work or study in Finland in an academic institute, you can participate by filling in and submitting our webropol -form in English. In the form you need to indicate that you approve these rules below, and consent to your personal data being processed. Please provide only your own name, not the names of the members of the team. By submitting an application, you registrate to the competion and accept these terms and conditions and agree to comply with them.

Regarding your personal data, please note that you have the right to withdraw the consent you have given above at any time by informing Orion Corporation through the following e-mail:  

The competition is in two phases. Orion has the right to select among the applications submitted in the first phase the applications that advance to the second phase. In the second phase, the selected research groups are requested to submit a more detailed description of the idea. The number of applications in each category that advance to the second phase is decided by Orion. Individual research groups are entitled to submit several ideas to the same or to different categories.

Applications should include non-confidential information only. If the research group wishes to disclose confidential information, a separate agreement governing such disclosures must first be signed between the research group and Orion.

Each research group is responsible for that it holds all rights to the idea. Participating in the competition does not affect the ownership of pre-existing intellectual property rights, unless otherwise agreed with Orion. If primary investigator is submitting an application on behalf of a research group, he/she should certify his/her authority to submit the application on behalf of each of the research group members, and the primary investigator is responsible for ensuring that the whole research group adhere to these terms.

Orion Pharma can publish the ideas and the material submitted to the competition. This applies to full and partial disclosures of the idea and other material submitted to the competition. Publication may take place on webpages administered by Orion Pharma, on other relevant media or promotional material on the competition. Orion will denote the name of the primary investigator or the research group as well as their affiliation.

In the spirit of open innovation, the exchanged information and ideas are assumed non-confidential and are free to be used by either party in other contexts later. Thus, Orion Pharma has the non-exclusive right to utilize all ideas and material submitted in the competition in its own operations. Possible exclusive rights to develop and use the submitted ideas are subject to a possible mutual agreement with Orion.

You should choose one of the following catergories for your idea (pick the most suitable one):

Category 1: Towards safer medicines

Category 2: Making more effective medicines

Category 3: Advanced technologies for drug development and patient care

Orion reserves a right to change the category of your idea based on the information received.

The winner of each  category will win EUR 10,000, which is net amount (income tax has been deducted).