Information about the Research Foundation

Orion Research Foundation sr distributes grants according to Foundation's rules for Finnish medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and natural sciences related to those, such as chemistry and physics. Grants are awarded for researchers with a doctorate and young scientists without a doctorate, for scientific research.

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Orion Research Foundation's grants

Orion Research Foundation sr is distributing EUR 991,910 in research grants based on applications for 2022.

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Grants by the Orion Research Foundation enable researchers to seize significant opportunities

Professor Risto Renkonen: “Research is not possible in a ‘Finland bubble’”

Government funding for research has steadily declined, while the funding provided by foundations has increased. Professor Risto Renkonen, the longstanding Chair of the Board for Orion’s Research Foundation, talked to us about the career paths of post-doc researchers and trends in basic research in medicine.

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Frequently asked questions

The Administration of the Research Foundation

There are 11 members in the board of the Research Foundation. They represent the organisations of the awarted fields, five Academic Medical Education Deparments and Orion Co.

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Instructions for grant applicant

The Research Foundation declares grants to be applied in August. The application deadline ends in early September and the application instructions will be published on the Foundation's website and multiple magazines of the field. The information about the previous grants since 2007 are available on our website.

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Instructions for grant recipient

A major grant took Suvi Kuosmanen abroad: Fascinated by cardiovascular genomics

New perspectives into children’s mental health issues

Going abroad was an important career move for Sara Sammallahti. A grant of EUR 50,000 from the Orion Research Foundation made it possible for her to join a group of Dutch and American researchers. Sammallahti is studying the effects of the mother’s well-being during pregnancy on the brain of the foetus.

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