Orion R&D

Orion’s pharmaceutical innovations are created within its R&D organisation. The organisation employs top professionals in the field of drug discovery and development.

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University cooperation promotes world-class drug development at Orion

Artificial intelligence accelerates drug development

Pain patients find relief through digital therapy

Orion’s post doc programme combines academic research and corporate resources to promote health

Orion Research Foundation's grants

Orion Research Foundation sr is distributing EUR 1,212,000 in research grants in 2022.

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Fighting cancer with the immune system

Drug development goes remote

Orion R&D’s own strengths build the foundation for success

Orion and Nanoform collaborate on next-generation drug development

Orion and Nanoform have announced a collaboration to apply Nanoform's  CESS® technology to new chemical entities.

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Arrival of digital therapies to support patients and doctors

The goal of research into rare diseases is to find new and effective treatments

Orion's R&D Pipeline

Research areas

Orion develops new pharmaceuticals in three therapy areas. Orion’s pharmaceutical R&D focuses on the central nervous system, cancer and critical care, and inhalable Easyhaler® pulmonary drugs. Orion also develops veterinary and generic drugs. 

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Scientific publications

A list of recent posters presented at congresses and articles published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

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Drug development

What does it take to develop a new medicine? To start with, you need a dedicated team of top scientists and other professionals. The journey might take up to fifteen years. Take a look!

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Pharmaceutical R&D Ethics Policy

Our aim is to work in accordance with the requirements, standards and ethical codes of our industry in our pharmaceutical research and development activities too. Our R&D Policy highlights how we make sure that our practices are on an ethically sustainable basis. 

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Partnering and licensing

Partnerships and networking are important for Orion throughout the entire value chain of operations. We collaborate with other companies in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of products internationally.

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