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Orion Pharma investing in pharmaceutical R&D in Turku.

Orion Pharma, the core business division of Orion Corporation is expanding its facilities for pharmaceutical research and development in Turku. The construction of a new building is starting in the near future at the site of the pharmaceutical plant. The project, totally budgeted at about EUR 12 million, will provide about 6,600 m2 new premises for neuropharmacological and hormone therapy research, for pharmaceutical and analytical product development, clinical development as well as for the departments of synthetic chemistry and general pharmacology. The facilities will be equipped with modern laboratory systems and equipment. Also the special facilities for the production of hormonal test products for clinical trials will be expanded. Moreover, the present premises will be renovated in 2003. After the completion of the new premises in mid 2002, the Turku research and development organisation of Orion Pharma will have improved possibilities for efficient drug discovery and development, and for adding human resources.
The architecture for the new R&D building is by Sigge Oy.
The pharmaceutical research and development in Orion Pharma focuses on central nervous system disorders, cardiology and critical care, hormone therapies and respiratory diseases. Of the altogether 850 persons engaged in R&D, about 200 are working in Turku. The R&D Centre in Turku concentrates on central nervous system disorders and hormone therapies. About a year ago, new premises were taken into use at the main site of Orion Pharma's R&D in Espoo, whereby the previous facilities more than doubled. In Finland, Orion Pharma has some research activity also in Kuopio. The first R&D base outside Finland is currently being established in Nottingham, England, for clinical research.
Contact persons in Orion Pharma:
Antti Haapalinna
, Vice President, CNS & Hormone Research and Toxicology, phone +358 10 429 7670 or +358 40 564 1716 Esa Heinonen, Senior Vice President, Preclinical & Clinical Research, phone +358 10 429 4302 or +358 40 559 0647
Orion Corporation Orion Pharma
P.O. Box 65, FIN-02101 ESPOO, Finland