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All hands in – Stronger together for CDKL5

6/17/2024 Your Health

Parkinson’s patient Rami Laine: “I can still make my dreams come true”

6/6/2024 Your Health
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“Give yourself credit for what you can achieve”

2/12/2024 Your Health

Why don’t people take their prescribed medicines as directed?

11/17/2023 Your Health
EAM article image.png

Having seizures is often only one part of epilepsy

11/14/2023 Your Health

What is a generic medicine – and what is good to know about it?

9/21/2023 Your Health

A biosimilar has the same efficacy and safety as a biological proprietary drug

9/12/2023 Your Health
potilastarina_keuhkoahtaumatauti_Heli Salo 1.jpg

“COPD has forced me to be kind to myself”

2/22/2023 Your Health
potilastarina_eturauhassyöpä_Jukka Karhula_2.jpg

Jukka Karhula, prostate cancer survivor: “Seek peer support as soon as you can”

2/10/2023 Your Health

Prostate cancer diagnosis started a new chapter in Juha Kuusniemi’s life

2/10/2023 Your Health

Support from friends is important when asthma becomes worse

1/18/2023 Your Health
potilastarina_rintasyöpä_Terhi Kolehmainen 1.jpg

Breast cancer with a poor prognosis has not recurred

1/17/2023 Your Health
potilastarina_rintasyöpä_Riitta Hartonen_1.jpg

Incurable breast cancer does not prevent a good life

1/17/2023 Your Health
potilastarina_Parkinson_Jukka Saarela 1.jpg

Music plays despite Parkinson’s disease

1/17/2023 Your Health
potilastarina_Parkinson_Irja Lepola_2.jpg

Living with Parkinson’s

1/17/2023 Your Health
potilastarina_keuhkoahtaumatauti_Kaj Pirhonen 1.jpg

“Now I need to listen to my body”

1/16/2023 Your Health
potilastarina_astma_Maija-Liisa Auraneva_1.jpg

Keeping asthma at bay through exercise and everyday humour

1/16/2023 Your Health
potilastarina_kipu_Kimmo Kanniainen_1.jpg

A pain dog anticipates neuropathic pain

1/16/2023 Your Health