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“In the future, there will be plenty of opportunities in this field” – Four women in science talk about their careers in the pharmaceutical industry

2/6/2024 We are Orion

“I was given the opportunity for professional growth” – Recognising his own strengths helped Joonas Rahkonen to progress in his career

2/5/2024 We are Orion

Employees can develop and grow in Orion’s automation department

1/23/2024 We are Orion

Personal development and progression of your own work are essential in a changing working environment

1/10/2024 We are Orion
Mathias Herrlin.png

Mathias Herrlin: The Phase1 trainee programme offered the opportunity to work on a larger scale and receive support in overcoming challenges

12/22/2023 We are Orion

Through an apprenticeship, Christina Holappa qualified as a laboratory technician in record time

11/22/2023 We are Orion

An assistant is a magician working in the background, whose expertise benefits the entire organisation

11/9/2023 We are Orion

Working to ensure pharmaceutical and patient safety

10/25/2023 We are Orion
Inke Tirkkonen.png

Inke Tirkkonen: The Phase1 trainee programme has allowed me to experience how work in drug safety requires great precision and that it is also highly relevant and meaningful

9/29/2023 We are Orion

Internal mobility has enabled Ville, Master of Science in mechanical engineering, to have a varied career at Orion

9/29/2023 We are Orion
Maija Väätäjä.png

Maija Väätäjä: The people and truly meaningful work have been the best aspects of Orion’s Phase1 trainee programme

9/21/2023 We are Orion
Damla Serper.png

Damla Serper: As a Phase1 trainee, I have been happy to work on a project where I can integrate my research into industrial set-up

9/15/2023 We are Orion

Even a short job rotation period can be invigorating and develop professional skills

9/14/2023 We are Orion

Finland’s good reputation attracted Bryce Nelson to work in Finland

9/7/2023 We are Orion

Can Hekim studies mechanisms that help the human immune system defend itself against cancer

9/5/2023 We are Orion

The popular Phase1 trainee programme offers university students a sense of community and professionally challenging tasks

9/1/2023 We are Orion

Versatile and talented Tapani returned to Orion after many years equipped with lessons learnt from the banking world

8/18/2023 We are Orion
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The Young Orionees network enables young professionals to learn more about and influence Orion’s activities

7/10/2023 We are Orion