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Dr. Risto Miettunen appointed President of Orion Pharma

Dr. Jyrki Mattila, current President of Orion Pharma, has been appointed Responsible Manager of the Orion New Ventures unit as of 25 February 2002. In his new task, Dr. Mattila reports directly to the CEO of the Orion Group.

Dr. Risto Miettunen has been appointed new President of Orion Pharma as of 1 April 2002. He has made a long career in different positions in the Siemens Group, while his recent positions were in WM Data and Novo Group Oyj. Dr. Miettunen reports to Mr. Viinanen.

Until 1 April 2002 the CEO acts also as president for Orion Pharma.

Jukka Viinanen

Henry Haarla

Photo can be downloaded from the enclosed link.