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Orion strategy 2024–2028: The road is open for growth through well-being

By the 2030s, Orion will be a truly global, innovative, and patient-focused pharmaceutical company that serves societies and helps change patients’ lives across the globe.

Orion’s purpose is building well-being.

Well-being means something unique for each human being in all stages of life. We draw on our century-long experience in healthcare while keeping our sights firmly set on future innovations to support you every step of your way. 

Our novel therapies help change the lives of patients across the globe. We serve societies in sustaining health systems with a diverse portfolio of cost-effective and value-adding drugs. Our veterinary products enable pet owners and farmers to care for their animals.


Inspired by our Nordic heritage, we strive to empower people around the world to live their lives to the fullest – today and tomorrow.”

Liisa Hurme, President & CEO

Orion has embarked on a historic growth journey

Right now, Orion is in excellent shape to drive the next decade of innovation. Our R&D capabilities to discover and develop significant new molecules have been validated, and we have a robust, data-driven research pipeline. All our business divisions have demonstrated resilience by establishing growth platforms even during challenging times. Promising sales outlooks for darolutamide, inhalers, and generics mean that we can invest in growth and innovation.

These strengths will help us address some of the largest questions of our time relating to economic and demographic shifts, such as

  • Cost pressure in healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Aging population
  • Advancements in science and technologies.

Orion’s unique strengths will allow us to seek a truly global presence and help ensure European medicine security.


The strategic elements that drive our growth

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    Build a customer-driven portfolio

    • Innovative Medicines focuses on oncology and pain management, leveraging Orion’s R&D expertise in these crucial and growing therapy areas.
    • Branded Products continues building on its strength and success in respiratory and Parkinson’s disease products while honing its focus on women's health with its wide range of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) products.   ​
    • Generics and Consumer Health, while ensuring the success of its strong existing business, pursues new growth with value-added and complex generics in the European hospital segment and other selected markets and caters to customer needs with consumer health products with value propositions.
    • Animal Health’s new, more extensive and distinctive portfolio refines its focus on specific areas within the livestock and companion animal segments, utilizing the division’s strength: a deep understanding of customers and their needs.​
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    Expand to new geographies and strengthen global partnerships

    • Strengthen European market position: Expand Generics and establish the hospital segment and Branded Products in the EU.
    • Strengthen and expand APAC presence: Establish Branded Products in APAC.​
    • Entry to USA: Establish a foothold in the US step by step.
    • Entry to Japan: Establish a foothold in Japan with Branded Products and Innovative Medicines.​
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    Develop growth enablers

    • Competences and Culture: Refine expertise in specific areas where we excel, bolstering our capabilities in key segments. Maintain an agile and low-hierarchy culture, setting Orion apart from competitors.​
    • Safety and Sustainability: Prioritize patient safety and sustainability across the entire product lifecycle, positioning Orion as a trustworthy European partner, known for dependable delivery, transparency, and responsibility.​
    • Global commercialization capabilities: Bring experts from larger global markets on board to enable the global commercialization of our products on a larger scale.​
    • Data-driven execution excellence: Build expertise and operational models in R&D operations for a data-driven approach, optimizing decision-making based on hard data.
    • Master End-to-End value chain: Manage every step from molecule development to marketing and distribution, ensuring more value remains at Orion’s end, enabling investments. 

This is not merely a plan – we are already in full swing. We have restructured our organisation and all our businesses have clear growth plans. Our R&D efforts have demonstrated significant potential, and we are establishing a foothold beyond Europe. 

The road is open for growth through well-being.