Partner Portal User Instructions


Table of contents:

Read this first

Instructions will help you to prepare your computer for using Orion Partner Portal and give answer to few important points in using the system.

Before you can start using Orion Partner portal, you should check that

  • You have received account(s) and password(s) for portal usage 
  • You have your mobile phone or SecurID tag available. 
  • You have Internet-connection on your computer 
  • You are using Internet Explorer browser. IE is the only fully supported browser for Partner portal


Please note: 

  • Screenshots and instruction texts may vary with different Windows/Internet Explorer versions but main information is always the same. 
  • If you are using server Remote Desktop connection, you need to have two accounts. Network account is for accessing the Partner Portal and Administrative account is used to logon to server. 
  • If you are having problems with the installation procedure, please contact your local IT support. 
  • If you have at least once successfully signed in to the Partner Portal but are having problems and you have ensured that your computer is otherwise working normally, you can contact Orion Service Desk in number +358 10 426 3838. - If problems persists, you are advised to contact your personal Orion contact person for more help.


First time use

Explanation Image (click to enlarge)
Open your browser (only Internet Explorer supported) and navigate to Partner Portal
Program might ask Administrator credentials  
When you first time access to the portal site (Orion Partner Portal), UAG endpoint components must be installed to use all UAG portal features

Click Install to install first of the two necessary components. (You will see of the pictures shown on right.) In some cases installation phases may vary depending what IE version is in use.

Note! If your computer does not have necessary components installed, you will need Administrator user rights to perform the installation. This is one-time action.

If User Account Control (UAC) is enabled it will ask Do you allow program to make changes to your computer. Answer YES
For Popup-blocker settings select “Do not show this message again” and then click Yes.
To add site to Trusted Sites select "Trust this site:" and "Always". Then click "Trust".
Choose which login type you use:
Callsign or SecurID.

Callsign uses your mobile phone for authentication. SecurID uses your SecurID tag for authentication. SecurID tags are being given only for specific uses. Callsing is the primary method for login.

Logon to Partner portal.
When you access to portal or in some cases open published application for the first time, second part of the needed application components will be installed. Click OK.
Select “Do not show this message again” and click OK
In some cases installation requires computer restart, please restart your computer. After computer restart, logon to computer and open Internet Explorer. Click “Restore your last session” if available or navigate to Partner Portal
After successful login you see portal main page and applications you are authorized to use. Just click the icon or application text to launch the application. If you can't see the needed application, please contact to Service Desk.

Errors and special situations


Changing password

Password should be at least nine characters and include at least three of the following requirements:

  • upper-case letters
  • lower-case letters
  • numbers
  • special characters


Logging in with SecurID

SecurID token for Orion Partner Portal will be sent to you via mail.

You will get email where you get your SecurID tag's PIN code (four digits)

Instructions for logging into Orion Partner Portal :

  • Go to
  • Choose option “SecurID” from dropdown menu
  • Type in your Partner Portal user name
  • Type in your password (given password for your user name, not the securID) to “Password” -field
  • For the SecurID password -field, first type in your PIN-code and then the series of numbers visible in your SecurID token.
  • Click OK.


When starting applications for the first time

  • Some of the applications may require permission checks or additional user actions. For example Remote Desktop applications may ask you to allow Remote Connection to connect for security reasons. Just click the positive answer-button to those questions to continue.
  • In some cases launching application for the first time it will install needed UAG components if those wasn't installed at the first time login process


I can't see application what I should do

  • If you can't see applications you should see please contact to Service Desk and explain that you are missing specific Partner Portal application icons from the portal. Remember to inform which application you need.


I can't log in to portal

  1. Only Internet Explorer is supported. Please use Internet Explorer for accessing to portal.
  2. Type username in the “Username:” –field and your password in the“Password:” –field, choose your authentication type "Callsign" or "SecurID" and click “Logon” -button. Orion must have provided username, password and Callsign PIN-code or SecurID tag. Please note that Callsign is the primary authentication method and SecurID is only used by specific user group. If you don't have SecurID tag provided by Orion, then you are not using SecurID authentication.
  3. (Callsign authentication) After few seconds, after clicking Log on –button, your phone rings – Answer the phone and listen to the instructions. After instructions have been told, type your Callsign PIN-code (NOT phones own PIN) that has been provided to you before. After typing PIN-code, voice tells you if your PIN-code was accepted. Access granted when PIN code is correct or Access denied when PIN code is wrong).
  4. (Callsign authentication) If you type in your username and password but then phone doesn’t ring then user account has wrong mobile phone number or Callsign service is temporarily out of use, please call to Service Desk and describe the situation plus inform that phone number what should be used.
  5. (Callsign authentication) You typed your username, password, answered phone and typed your PIN –code and voice said “Access denied”
    • You might have provided faulty PIN-code. Make sure you use Callsign PIN-code, not your phone PIN-code. Try two or three times to log in and type your Callsign PIN-code and if it still says “Access denied” then please contact to Service Desk and describe the situation plus inform that your Callsign PIN-code might not work and request a new one.
  6. (SecurID authentication) If you typed your PIN-code to SecurID password field and cannot access, please check your username, password and SecurID PIN-code. If still not working, please contact to service desk.


Internet Explorer hangs and/or crashes

UAG endpoint components and F-Secure Scan and remove viruses from web traffic -feature can cause conflicts which causes Internet Explorer to hang and/or crash. In these situations please remove Scan and remove viruses from web traffic -feature. If you don't know how to do removal or there are other challanges please contact to Service Desk.

Application specific instructions / notes

Pallas (Documentum) - Please check your Internet Explorer and Java versions. Only IE10 and Java6 versions are supported! Pallas might not work with other versions.

Citrix publications – Citrix receiver need to be installed on your workstation. You can install Citrix receiver from here: