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Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy refers to the principles adopted in the Orion Group for the implementation of human resources issues. These principles are guided by our Corporate Values.

General principles

In the Orion Group, the Human Resources Policy refers to the principles adopted by the Board of Directors of Orion Corporation for the implementation of human resources issues. These principles are guided by the corporate values.

The Human Resources Policy is supplemented by Human Resources Management Guidelines. The Human Resources Policy, the Human Resources Management Guidelines and the practical management of Human Resources issues have to be consistent and support each other. They have to create a solid foundation for the operations of the personnel in the Group.

In attending to Human Resources Management issues, legislation, collective agreements, provisions on occupational health and safety and other obligations shall be strictly complied with. We treat people equally and with justice. We aim at taking into account the individual courses of life and needs of our employees when applying the rules and, in justified cases, exceptions may be made of the general rules.

It is the principle of the Group to have an open and respecting attitude to trade union operations and personnel representatives. In the development and implementation of Human Resources Management issues the opinions of both the employer and the personnel shall be observed. The aim is primarily to agree on personnel representation in Group management with the personnel.


The contents and development of the Human Resources Policy is the responsibility of the Executive Management Board of the Group and the Vice President, Human Resources.

The practical implementation of the Human Resources policy is ultimately the responsibility of the superiors. Acting in accordance with the Human Resources Policy is the responsibility of the entire personnel.

The Human Resources department produces, maintains and develops human resources leadership and management, its processes and services as well as supports the organization in the implementation of the Human Resources Policy.

Talent management and renewal

The aim of the talent management is that the personnel of the Group has the competence required by the implementation of the strategy, which is based on the goals of the company and the competence and capability requirements derived therefrom.

Talent management supports the execution of the strategy and the achievement of the business objectives. The superiors shall ensure that the persons reporting to them are familiar with the strategy and the targets derived therefrom.

The superiors are in a key position in the implementation of the Human Resources Policy and the development of organizational and personnel competence. Continuous inputs are made in the quality of the work of the superiors and their competence. Every Orionee is also expected to take responsibility for developing his/her own competence and wellbeing.

Succeeding Together discussions are held annually to specify goals and responsibilities and to ensure that each person has the competence and motivation required for successful attendance to his/her task as well as to discuss the development goals of the person. Where necessary, a personal development plan may be drawn up.

The work of experts and superiors is equally valued. There should be possibilities for development at work and career development in all tasks.

The superiors are responsible for organising an adequate familiarisation to new personnel members, those changing tasks and those returning to work after a longer leave.

Development of organizations is part of Talent management and renewal. Orion strives for timely adequate resources for its organizations.

Recruitment offers a chance to renew the competencies of the organization. The goal is to find the best motivated experts for vacancies and meet both the current and forthcoming competence needs. Successful recruitment supports the achievement of Orion’s strategic targets.

When filling new job openings and finding employees for vacancies, the objective is to prioritise persons already employed by the Group and suitable for the tasks. The aim of internal job rotation is to support the renewal of the organization and give personnel a chance for professional development.

The continuance of uninterrupted operations is ensured by substitute and successor plans.

Rewards and personnel benefits

The goal of the reward system is to encourage good performance and to motivate the personnel to long-term work in order to achieve the goals of the company. The rewarding shall be just and it shall be based on principles generally known in the Group.

The salaries and personnel benefits are country-specific. They are affected by local legislation, collective agreements and the business environment. The monetary salary and other personnel benefits shall, with regard to their level and coverage, form a competitive entity in comparison to the market salary.

The personal salary is determined on the basis of the demands set by the work and personal performance. The following are taken into account in assessing personal performance: results, professional skills, multiple skills, development orientation, initiative and co-operation ability.

The aim is to develop performance-based pay systems. 

We are building a culture of continuous feedback. Excellent performance may be rewarded immediately after the completion of the task.

Wellbeing at work

The aim of the wellbeing actions at work is to promote and support the working and functioning capabilities of each Orionee.

At Orion, wellbeing at work means that Orionees are able to work in tasks equivalent to their competence and they can feel that they are doing high-quality, rewarding, inspiring and meaningful work in a well-managed, secure and equal work community and environment. The wellbeing actions at work are versatile measures to develop the work communities and promote the working and functioning capabilities of individuals.

The promotion of wellbeing at work is carried out in co-operation of the management, superiors and every Orionee.

We develop the wellbeing actions at work to meet the variable needs of the work life.

Organizational culture and equality

We are building the succeeding together culture, which is based on our values and where interaction is open and constructive and supports continuous renewal.

In the Orion Group each employee has equal possibilities to succeed and develop in his/her own work. The age, sex, religion or ethnic background of an individual may never, at any stage of the employment relationship, be considered a discriminating factor.

Every Orionee is responsible in his/her own operations for aiming at observing equal treatment of all persons both in daily operations and in decision-making.

The Human Resources Policy provides a direction for the drafting of the equality plans in all Group countries taking into account the local legislation of each country.