A doctor in the pharmaceutical industry

"The tasks of a doctor in the pharmaceutical industry are versatile and educational", says Kristiina Kuismanen.

From the first lectures in anatomy, doctors are trained to work in the traditional role of a physician. After graduation, contacts with other professions are rather scarce.

When I left research-oriented work and random temporary jobs to join Orion some six years ago, the new environment was very different from the one I was used to. I was unaccustomed to the dynamic and international nature of a listed company and it fascinated me. I also had to familiarise myself with the pharmaceutical industry’s legislation, guidelines and ethical rules.

Nowadays I work in Medical Affairs and focus on generic medicines, biosimilars and non-medical products. Working in the department gives me a good vantage point of almost all of Orion’s operations. We work together with professionals in the pharmacy, chemistry, informatics, statistics, and sales and marketing organisations, and we each play our own part.

Kristiina Kuismanen is the Head of Medical Affairs Team at Orion Pharma.

We all share a common goal, however: to develop, bring to market and maintain, through product care, medicines and non-medical products for the best interests of the patient. It is a real boon to have the opportunity to enjoy my colleagues’ passionate approach to work regardless of their profession – this enthusiasm is catching, too!

Doctors working at Orion have worked in many fields and positions before coming to the pharmaceutical industry and they work in very different kinds of jobs depending on their background and interests. At Orion, doctors work in drug development, drug safety, business support and in Medical Affairs.

Different things are expected of doctors working in different tasks. Our work usually involves product and molecule-specific information and an understanding of clinical studies, therapy practices and the patients’ point of view. Communication skills are also important when we exchange information between people in the field and professionals at Orion.

All in all, my duties at Orion have been varied and interesting and I still have an opportunity to keep learning new things.

Kristiina Kuismanen
Head of Medical Affairs Team, Orion Pharma