New publication in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology: Working hypothesis for mechanisms of action of levosimendan in patients with ALS

A Review article summarizing the Potential of Levosimendan in the Management of ALS: Overview of a Working Hypothesis

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Outi Vaarala leads innovative work to save cancer patients

The goal of research into rare diseases is to find new and effective treatments

Artificial intelligence provides inspiration in drug development

Patient trials under way on ALS treatment to support breathing capacity

The REFALS trial is studying the effects of oral levosimendan in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

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Riikka Oksala: Research requires strong teamwork

Helping patients is the greatest motivation for the research team at Orion. Even the smallest successes inspire the researcher to work harder.

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Mari Björkman: Cancer research – from idea to product

Delving into Finnish Pharmaceutical Research and Development

"I’m inspired by our input in research and product development. For example, great opportunities may be presented by biologic drugs, which are being developed extensively around the world", says Christer Nordstedt.

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A doctor in the pharmaceutical industry

"The tasks of a doctor in the pharmaceutical industry are versatile and educational", says Kristiina Kuismanen.

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Heikki Joensuu wants to create better treatments for cancer patients

“If you manage to develop even one good cancer drug that is effective and well tolerated, it will have an earth-shattering global impact. This is a goal that is worth working towards,” says Joensuu.

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