Artificial intelligence accelerates drug development

Pain patients find relief through digital therapy

New approaches bring hope to people with neurological disorders

Orion’s post doc programme combines academic research and corporate resources to promote health

Digital therapies to complement pharmaceutical treatment

Building well-being for animals - Orion develops new veterinary drugs

Fighting cancer with the immune system

Drug development goes remote

Orion R&D’s own strengths build the foundation for success

Arrival of digital therapies to support patients and doctors

New pharmaceutical research utilising nanobiotechnology in Finland

A new research ecosystem has been set up in Finland in which the country’s leading research organisations, together with the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, Orion Pharma and nanotechnology SMEs, are joining forces to develop new types of nanobiotechnological solutions for the treatment and early diagnostics of severe progressive diseases.

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Artificial intelligence offers new possibilities for Orion's drug development

New publication in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology: Working hypothesis for mechanisms of action of levosimendan in patients with ALS

A Review article summarizing the Potential of Levosimendan in the Management of ALS: Overview of a Working Hypothesis

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The goal of research into rare diseases is to find new and effective treatments

Artificial intelligence provides inspiration in drug development

Patient trials under way on ALS treatment to support breathing capacity

The REFALS trial is studying the effects of oral levosimendan in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

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Riikka Oksala: Research requires strong teamwork

Helping patients is the greatest motivation for the research team at Orion. Even the smallest successes inspire the researcher to work harder.

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Mari Björkman: Cancer research – from idea to product

A doctor in the pharmaceutical industry

"The tasks of a doctor in the pharmaceutical industry are versatile and educational", says Kristiina Kuismanen.

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Drug development