Please, fill in the Webropol -form and submit it by 30 September 2017. In the form you need to indicate that you approve the rules of the competition, and consent to your personal data being processed. Please provide only your own name, not the names of the members of the team. By submitting an application, you registrate to the competion and accept these terms and conditions and agree to comply with them.

The application process consists of the following two steps:

1. Complete the forms in Webropol. The deadline for this step is September 30th. Choose one of the three categories for your idea (Orion has the right to change this based on the information if needed). Name your idea and describe it with a maximum 2,500 characters. Remember to include non-confidential information only.

2. Next the expert committee at Orion will rank and choose 10 applications in each category based on the webropol forms. The chosen 10 applicants per category will be contacted and asked to submit an additional, and more detailed application by the end of November 2017.

From the second round of applications, three nominations per category will be announced. The proposals will be presented and the best proposal will be awarded at a gala at Orion’s headquarters in Espoo early in 2018.

The award is EUR 10,000 in each category Prize 10.000 € is net amount (income tax has been deducted).

Orion reserves the right to change the number of nominations and rewardees.