Instructions and application

The Oriontation competition is looking for reseach and development ideas beneficial for human and animal patients.

The competition includes three categories in which you can submit your idea - see the description of each category here.

The nominated ideas of each category will be presented at a symposium early 2018. The winners will be awarded their prizes at a gala evening after the symposium at Orion Corporation premises in Espoo. The prize for each category is EUR 10,000.

You should choose one of the following catergories for your idea (pick the most suitable one):

Category 1: Towards safer medicines

Category 2: Making more effective medicines

Category 3: Advanced technologies for drug development and patient care

Orion reserves a right to change the category of your idea based on the information received and a right to change the number of nominations and rewardees.

In any of the categories, please consider any ideas related to the following therapy areas: neurodegenerative diseases, neuropathic pain, solid cancers, respiratory diseases, critical care and any indications within animal health. The idea can be anything  from  a new potential medicine to the technologies needed for drug development or patient care.