Frequently asked questions

What happens to my idea after the competition?

Orion chooses, which ideas will be discussed further considering potential collaboration. For the further discussion, a confidentiality agreement will be signed as necessary. As an outcome, we may reach a collaboration agreement related to the idea. Other ideas and information about the ideators will be deleted from the Orion database latest after one year from the selection of the winners. Participation in the competition does not restrict the use of the idea in any way, unless there is a separate agreement.

Is this competition just a way to transfer the winner ideas to Orion with the fee of 10 000€?

No, the reward relates only to the competition and is a bonus of submitting a potentially useful idea. Participation in the competition does not affect the ownership of the idea. Possible collaboration around the idea will be  separately agreed upon, including also the possible financial items.

How would a potential collaboration project continue?

Orion will discuss the possible collaboration with the group who has sent the idea, and the plan of the project will be compiled together.

What can Orion publish about the idea during the competition?

The name of the idea and the names of the ideators may be published. Also to describe briefly the idea, part of the information (non-confidential) entered to the competition by the ideator may be published. Before publishing, Orion will contact the ideator.

What happens to the Proposals after the first round?

The competition is in two phases. Orion selects among the applications submitted in the first phase the applications that advance to the second phase, where more detailed description of the idea is requested. All the proposals submitted to the competition will receive a brief feedback from Orion.

What happens to the Proposals after the second round?

Orion internal evaluation panel will nominate three finalists of every category. These finalists will present their ideas in the symposium at Orion Head Quarters in Espoo where also the winners of every category will be announced in a celebration gala after the symposium.

What does the Open Innovation mean?

There are many definitions, but generally it means "a distributed innovation process based on purposively managed knowledge flows across organizational boundaries, using pecuniary and non-pecuniary mechanisms in line with the organization's business model” as defined by Henry Chesbrough, the father of Open Innovation. We hope that this competition will lead to networks and long lasting collaborations with Finnish researchers, which in turn can lead to projects which have mutual interests.

Does it matter whether the idea is written in Finnish or English?

We hope that ideas are written in English, because in the team that evaluates the ideas are people who do not know Finnish.

Can I submit several ideas?

Yes, you can submit several ideas to the same or to different categories.

Can I submit confidential and unpublished data to support my idea?

Applications should include non-confidential information only in the first round. If the research group wishes to disclose confidential information, and Orion agrees to receive it, a separate confidentiality agreement must first be signed with Orion. Contact 

Is Orion interested to collaborate outside the competition?

We are open to discuss collaborations and ideas outside the competition also. Contact

Can I use the money for participating a congress?

The prize is EUR 10,000, which is net amount (income tax has been deducted), and will be divided between the the  members of the team submitting the idea. Orion does not restrict the use of the award in any ways.