Category 3: Advanced technologies for drug development and patient care

In this category, Oriontation is searching for ideas on how to make our patients’ (both human and animal) lives easier. This may include ideas for making drugs more palatable, tasty for animals, changing the half-life of a drug, or combining the efficacy and compliance of drug therapy. The technologies that improve the drug to be admininstered, or to find its target in the body, are sought after.

Ideas on advanced technologies could include proposals on how to improve the efficacy of therapies by mechanisms that are not small molecules such as siRINA, stem cell therapy, antibody therapy, aptamers, scaffolds or gene therapy.

We would also like to explore ideas on complementing traditional drug therapies with digital technologies for compliance and efficacy or for identifying novel targets. This can include applications, software, big data, drug delivery devices or 3D printing.