Category 2: Making more effective medicines

In this category, we are looking for ideas on novel targets; mechanisms that make a difference in efficacy compared to current medicines. This could include ideas on:

  • methods for target validation
  • use of genetic data in target identification
  • multi-target drugs and combination therapies
  • formulations and aids to get the drug to the site of action
  • using animal genetic information as a basis for targets and mechanisms
  • innovative ways of targeting drug targets using novel chemistry
  • advanced biologicals

We are also looking for interesting models and methods to enable the step-by-step development of chemical compounds/biologicals related to clinical testing. This could include:

  • assay technologies
  • predictive pharmacological validation and testing
  • translational and alternative models
  • drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics models for eg. permeability prediction and human clinical exposure

Furthermore, we are interested in treatment for patients where there is the greatest unmet need. This could include ideas for diseases where current treatment options are not satisfactory, neglected diseases, stratified subpopulations of patients or targeting multifactorial diseases.