Frequently asked questions

When can you apply for a grant?

The Research Foundation declares the grants to be applied in August. The application deadline ends in early September.

Who can apply?

Grants are designated to support academic research for Finnish medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and natural sciences related to those, such as chemistry and physics according Orion Research Foundation’s rules

  • for researchers with a doctorate (completed in five years – or with an exception * in seven years), for continuation of research (maximum EUR 50,000) and
  • for young scientists without a doctorate, for scientific research (maximum
    EUR 5,000).

*) By completing the degree of specialist, specialized dentist or specialized veterinarian or for other special reasons (such as maternity, paternity, parental or nursing leave, conscript or non-military service or long-term sickness) applicant may extend the period of five years to maximum seven years. Applicant shall give clarification for surpassing the deadline of five years in CV.

My doctorate will be completed soon after the application deadline. Can I apply?

The exact day is considered from the application deadline. Therefore, you are not able to apply for a greater grant if date of doctorate is later than that. However, you can apply for the smaller grant.

I have received a grant once. Can I apply again?

An applicant may receive EUR 50,000 grant once and maximum 5,000 grant a maximum of two times.

When the Research Foundation will publish the decisions?

Grant recipients will have an email in November and the decisions on grants will be published on the Research Foundation’s website.

I need a certificate of my grant.

Certificates can be asked from the Research Foundation. (Email: tutkimussaatio(at)

When the grants are paid?

In the grant decision email, grant recipients are asked to inform their payment details by signing in the application system. The grants will be paid out in during December.

Do grants count as taxable income?

The grants will be informed to tax authorities. More information:

Why I was not awarded with a grant?

Orion Research Foundation receives over 700 applications yearly. Unfortunately, we are not able to award grants for every good applicant and we don´t state reasons for single applications. Applications are evaluated between the grant applicants each year.