Instructions for grant recipient

Grant declaration

Applicants receiving the grant will have an email in November and the decisions on grants will be published towards the end of year on the Research Foundation’s website. In the email, we require that the grant is used for scientific research according to research plan in grant application. Also we require that grant receipients mention the Foundation in case the research is leading for publications.  Confirmation shall sent to Foundation´s email (tutkimussaatio(at)

Grants in general

Orion Research Foundation requires that grant recipients are committed to use the grant for scientific research according to research plan in grant application. In case the research is leading for publications should grant recipient mention the Foundation ”Orion Research Foundation sr”.

Grants are meant to be used within next two years after the decision and the Research Foundation can provide a year additional time with a justifiable reason. Permission for changing the use of the grant should be asked from the Foundation.

Changing the use of the grant

The use of the grant can be changed after the declarations (for example, the amount of personal grant). You can make changes by contacting the Research Foundation.

Payment of grants

In the grant decision email, grant recipients are asked to inform their payment details by signing in the application system. The grants will be paid out in during December.

Social security and taxation

Grants shall be insured according to the Farmers’ Pension Insurance (MYEL). Grant recipients are required to fulfill this statutory requirement themselves. Orion Research Foundation will inform the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Mela) about the grants. More information on Mela´s website.

The grants will be informed to tax authorities.