Orion donates EUR 51,000 in humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Orion donates EUR 51,000 to the Finnish Red Cross to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. The situation is shocking and our thoughts are with all those affected by the crisis.

Understandably, Orion is currently being asked to donate medicines to Ukraine. The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, even in crisis situations, which means that Orion can only deliver medicines to those specified by law. It is also important and responsible to ensure that medicines reach the right parties safely and are handled correctly. 

International Health Partners (IHP) is an organisation through which Orion has made charitable donations of medicines. We trust the organisation and channel our contributions through them. Among other things, IHP reports to Orion on how the medicines have been used in the target countries. Through these reports, Orion closely monitors the journey of the medicines and ensures that they reach the people who really need them.