Orion awarded for its collaboration in hiring post docs

Orion was awarded the annual DIMECC Prize for its contribution to the PoDoCo programme. DIMECC Oy is a Finnish innovation platform that brings together industrial and research knowhow.

In the DIMECC PoDoCo programme, doctoral alumni can apply for funding for one year’s salary if they are able to secure a position at a private sector company. A post doc who is hired through the programme works at the company based on their own research plan.

Professor Antti Haapalinna from Orion is proud of the award presented by DIMECC.

“It is a wonderful recognition of our dedication to the PoDoCo programme. We hope that our positive experiences encourage other businesses to help young post docs gain valuable experience in the private sector,” he says.

Orion has offered a position to 1–2 new PoDoCo alumni each year and has so far been very satisfied with their performance.

“We are always very happy to meet anyone who approaches us. When a recent post doc with the suitable background and sense of initiative and motivation contacts us, we offer our full support in completing the funding application.”

So far, Orion has funded six post docs through the PoDoCo programme. Two have since taken up permanent positions at Orion, four are under temporary contracts and one has just started their year as a PoDoCo post doc.

Read the press release by DIMECC

Text: Essi Kähkönen

11 November, 2020