Orion invests in Easyhaler inhalation production in Espoo

1 April 2016|Orion invests in expanding the Easyhaler inhalation product series production capacity at Espoo pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.


Easyhaler, indicated for the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is an in-house developed dry-powder inhaler.

Orion has developed several Easyhaler-adapted dry powder formulations of several well-known generic active substances, the latest launch being Easyhaler Bufomix (budesonide-formoterol), which received first market authorisations in Europe in 2014. Marketing authorisation application process for budesonide–formoterol combination is yet ongoing in Germany, Great Britain and France.  In addition, Orion is developing a new combination product Easyhaler salmeterol–fluticasone.

”We see that the Easyhaler product family will continue its growth in future years. The new Bufomix has already increased our production volumes, and authorisations are pending in a few additional regions,” says Orion Production Director Iikka Keskinen. “We expect Easyhaler volumes to grow, which means that additional production capacity is needed.”

Orion is constructing more capacity for Easyhaler within its Espoo production plant, which has had some of its packaging operations transferred to the packaging and logistics center in Salo; and tablet manufacturing partially moved to the Turku plant.

Modifying the production facilities for inhalation production starts in the summer of 2016 and most of the construction work will be completed in the first half of 2017. The new facilities will hold, for instance, a new cleanroom and a brand new packaging line, as well as a more efficient component flow for the inhalation production.

”It is a positive sign that we are launching products in new markets and the volumes of production are growing. Investing in Espoo also shows that as a company Orion is committed to having its own production in Finland”, Keskinen says.