Orion 20 years as a listed company

May 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of Orion Corporation’s listing on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Orion's A and B shares were quoted on the Helsinki Stock Exchange for the first time on 11 May 1995.

During the 20 years as a listed company Orion has, among other things, brought to the market majority of its in-house developed proprietary products and transformed from a conglomerate to a company focusing on the pharmaceuticals and diagnostics businesses. One of the biggest changes has been the demerger to two new listed companies Orion Corporation and Oriola-KD Corporation in 2006. This is why the listing of the ”new” Orion Corporation is considered to have started in 2006.

In the end of 1995 Orion had about 19,000 shareholders of which 18,000 were Finnish private individuals. The share of foreign ownership was only 2 per cent. In 1995, the average share price of A share was about 114 and B share about 110 Finnish mark. Today Orion has about 50,000 shareholders of which majority are still private investors. Finnish households have about 42 % of the shares and about 62 % of the votes. The second largest ownership group are nominee registered and foreign shareholders who own about 40 % of the shares.   

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PICTURE: Old Orion share sertificates