Huge support for girls’ education

At Orion we have flexed our muscles and sweated profusely once again for the cause of girls' education in developing countries.

There are 62 million girls in the world who are not able to go to school. Their well-being is under threat and a platform for success in their lives denied.

Orion’s mission is to build well–being, which is why we promote the education of girls in developing countries as a corporate partner in Plan’s ‘Because I’m a Girl' campaign.

This is why Orion and Plan have been working together for more than a year now by challenging Orion’s employees to take part in the ‘Let's move for girls'’ campaign. The campaign’s objective is to raise awareness of the circumstances of girls in developing countries and to get the participants to exercise and pay attention to their own well-being.

The money collected by Orion employees through exercise supports the schooling of 200 girls.

40,000 hours of exercise

The exercise and well-being programme was used with the HeiaHeia exercise application from 1 June to 4 October 2015. Once again, Orion employees were commendably active: they exercised for some 40,000 hours in a little over four months. More than 600 employees took part, exercising three times per week on average. According to official recommendations, this has a substantial positive impact on health.

This year we introduced well-being actions to HeiaHeia, and again racked up thousands of them: the actions include days when people chose the stairs over the lift, spent valuable moments with their family, exercised on the way to work and slept properly.

Timo Lappalainen, our President and CEO, also took part enthusiastically and our Management Team participated in the team competition with Timo at its helm.

“I took part by doing gardening and running, and I shared my moments on Twitter. It is so great to be part of a campaign that combines so many aspects of well-being: helping girls in developing countries to access education and supporting the health of Orion’s employees while at the same time boosting morale in the work community.”

Virtual tour highlights the girls’ stories

The theme of the 2015 ‘Let's move for girls' education’ campaign is to get the attention of employees with a virtual tour that progresses a month and challenge at a time to Plan’s various target countries: the Dominican Republic, Togo, Ethiopia and India.

The campaign was like a game. As employees entered their own exercise times and well-being actions into HeiaHeia, stories about girls in each month’s country were published on the web and in social media. You can find all of the stories on our campaign pages.

Orion employees also shared their own exercise memories in Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #letsmoveforgirls.