Orion employees flex their muscles for girls’ education

14 May 2014 | Orion is continuing its partnership with Plan Finland in support of children and young people in developing countries.

Plan Finland is running a workplace wellbeing campaign that allows businesses to improve their employees’ wellbeing while at the same time promoting the wellbeing of girls in developing countries. Orion took up the challenge at the start of May.

“Companies are asking us how they can more effectively get their personnel involved in a good cause, and at the same time they are thinking about ways to improve the wellbeing of their employees. So now we have combined these two ideas,” explains Donata Pennanen from Plan Finland.

In Orion’s campaign (“Let’s move for girls”), employees raise money through sports and fitness activities, which then goes towards girls’ education in developing countries. These muscle-flexing activities are recorded in the HeiaHeia web service. This also allows employees to monitor and support each others’ efforts. The campaign has got off to a flying start, with the first week seeing one in four Orion employees joining in the fun and fitness in support of girls’ education.

The human rights situation for girls in developing countries is poor. Worldwide, one in three girls of primary and secondary school age do not receive an education because of poverty, violence or discrimination. There are girls every day who have to give up school, get married too young or fall victim to school violence.

Plan Finland aims to improve child welfare and the lives of girls in developing countries through means such as education provision. Studies have shown that education reduces poverty and improves children’s wellbeing, quality of life and equality. In times of crisis, education protects girls from being abused and from child marriage and forced marriage.

“Supporting girls’ education in developing countries is really important, as it creates equality and gets girls participating in society,” says Timo Lappalainen, President and CEO of Orion Corporation.

Watch the video to see how Orion’s President and CEO, Timo Lappalainen, intends to get involved in the campaign.

In the picture: CEO Timo Lappalainen and  the union representative of the officials at Orion Diagnostica Tuomas Kaukanen.