200 girls to school with Orion’s help

17 Oct 2014 | Orion and Plan’s campaign Let’s move for girls finished on International Day of the Girl, 11 October. Orion employees exercised altogether almost 43 000 hours, and the donation sum will help 200 girls in developing countries.  

Bright pink color brought a splash of color to the darkening fall as the end of Orion and Plan's campaign Let’s move for girls was celebrated between 6 and 10 October. During the week, exercise breaks were held in different Orion locations around Finland, with hundreds of Orion employees attending. The campaign was a success: Orion staff's contribution helps 200 girls in Plan and Finnish foreign ministry’s target countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

”A huge thank you to Orion and everyone who took part in the campaign,” said Plan Customer Relations Manager Donata Pennanen in the closing ceremony at Orion headquarters. “Orion people's commitment has been beyond great! This donation will make a concrete difference in girls' lives.”

Let’s move for girls, a campaign combining charity work with employees’ well-being, started at Orion last May.  The campaign encouraged Orion staff to exercise for the benefit of girls’ education in developing countries. The two six-week exercise periods in the spring and fall exceeded expectations: in the spring employees exercised over 23,000 hours, in the second period a little under 20 000 hours, so altogether a total of 43,000 hours of exercise were registered on Heiaheia accounts.  

Orion's final donation sum for Plan's Because I am a girl campaign was 45,000 euros. Because I am a Girl campaign improves girls’ access to education and protects them from violence and harmful traditions such as child marriages and genital mutilation. Girls' education is the single best investment to help end poverty and improve well-being in communities.

Orion has been a long-term partner for Plan since 2011, focusing especially on projects that help children’s well-being in developing countries. 

Take a look at the events of the pink-colored week: