Finnish Red Cross Blood Service thanks Orion

16 Sep 2014 | Orion received a diploma from the Blood Service for 75 blood donation sessions. Over five decades of cooperation have provided help for tens of thousands of patients.

Orion received a diploma at Finnish Red Cross Blood Service’s Blood Donor Ceremony on the 3rd of September, 2014, for over 75 donor sessions held for its staff.

The cooperation between Orion and the Blood Service began in 1963, when the first blood donor session was held at Orion. Since then, Orion people have donated blood at the Espoo headquarters altogether 8183 times. In other words they have helped over 24,000 patients, including people suffering from cancer, surgery patients, mothers giving birth or patients afflicted by chronic haemophilia.

”Every donation helps, and often a blood transfusion can save a patient’s life,” says Päivi Hurttia, publicist for Finnish Red Cross Blood Service.

In a year, the number of patients who need either blood flakes, red cells or plasma, is around 50,000. The Blood Service aims to have a steady supply of blood: a good amount would be 1000 donors a day. That’s why faithful donors are a major resource for the organization.

”We want to thank Orion for over 50 years of encouraging employees to donate blood. For us this kind of commitment and longevity are important,” Hurttia says.

”It’s great to see a company contributing to society in this way. Donating blood is also a way of building well-being: patients get better because of the volunteer effort of donors. We are on the same path.”