Does coronavirus affect the availability of Orion’s pharmaceutical products?

We answer the most common questions related to the availability of Orion’s pharmaceutical products.

Does coronavirus affect the availability of Orion’s pharmaceutical products?
Currently coronavirus is not affecting the availability of Orion’s pharmaceutical products. Orion’s production capacity is currently in normal mode.

What are the causes of possible availability problems?

Coronavirus has caused disruptions to the global supply chains of pharmaceuticals. The pandemia has restricted the operation of facilities producing pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceuticals in different parts of the world. In addition, the restrictions of air traffic and marine ports worldwide as well as other movement restrictions pose a challenge to logistics. Orion’s own employees both in production and in other operations are mainly at work.

How Orion is prepared for the situation?
Orion has inventories both for ready-made pharmaceutical products as well as raw materials used in pharmaceutical production. In addition, Orion has already before coronavirus started to arrange reserve manufacturers for important raw materials. 

When availability disruptions may occur?

This depends on the length of disruptions in the supply chain. With normal demand the inventories will last for even up to 6 months depending on the product. If the production and logistics disruptions still continue in April-June, the effects will globally emerge after summer approximately. The Chinse authorities have announced resumption of production.

What is Orion doing to secure the continuation of its own production?
Besides the availability of raw materials, the continuity of production is dependent on the employees presence and ability to work. To minimise the risk of infection and to prevent the spread of the virus, a global travel ban is in effect as well as 14-day obligatory home quarantine for those who have returned from abroad from a trip that started before the travel ban. All visits to our production sites and quality assurance laboratories have been denied with the exception of necessary service and maintenance visits. A global recommendation for remote work is in effect. In addition, we have provided instructions for employees eg. on how to try to avoid infections.

Is it worthwhile to hoard medicines in Finland?

Currently the availability of pharmaceuticals in Finland is good and there is no need to hoard medicines. Hoarding can be harmful as it may lead to local temporary deficiencies before pharmacies can get supplements from the warehouses and wholesalers. In general, there is no need to have pharmaceuticals beyond one’s own need at home for instance due to limited shelf lives.

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Updated on 27 March 2020