How are medicine prices formed in Finland?

Strict regulations and formulas determine medicine prices. The price paid by consumers may change during the year, even though the retail price remains the same. Consumers benefit from reimbursement provided by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and the annual maximum limit on out-of-pocket costs.

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Orion’s response to Ukraine

Orion condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The concern for our employees in Ukraine is great and our thoughts are with them at the moment, as well as with all those affected by the war.

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Working on safe and effective pharmaceutical products

Why are medicine containers half empty and 10 other facts about pharmaceutical packaging

What does the labelling on medicine packages tell us?

Strictly regulated labels on medicine packages combat falsified medicines

Space to develop and create – a renewing Orion is a workplace of the future

Demand for veterinary medicines is growing – Orion also builds well-being for animals

Cooperation is key in securing supply of medicines regardless of cost pressures

Ensuring the efficacy and safety of medicines

Pain patients find relief through digital therapy

Artificial intelligence accelerates drug development

Orion donates surplus medicines to low-income countries and disaster-hit areas

Global partnerships help Orion to grow and develop

Domestic production guarantees security of supply

Prescription drug serialisation improves patient safety

Orion’s Sustainability Report 2020: The pandemic highlighted the importance of patient safety and the availability of medicines

The coronavirus pandemic and face masks have made Finns pay more attention to their breathing

Grants by the Orion Research Foundation enable researchers to seize significant opportunities

Good manufacturing practices are revised in an escape room room – emotional memories promote learning

Orion’s post doc programme combines academic research and corporate resources to promote health

The Yrityskylä learning environment sparks interest in LUMA subjects

Professor Risto Renkonen: “Research is not possible in a ‘Finland bubble’”

Orion uses waste ethanol to reduce the nitrogen load in the Baltic Sea

Carbon footprint calculation provides information on the environmental effects of Orion’s waste management

Building well-being for animals - Orion develops new veterinary drugs

Digital therapies to complement pharmaceutical treatment

Orion strengthens Finnish pharmaceutical supply and export capabilities through investments

Orion is modernising production at its Turku plant through an investment of EUR 17 million.

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The wellbeing of carers is a collective concern

Looking after a loved one is a tough job, but it is also a valuable contribution on a personal and societal level. For this reason, Orion and Carers Finland want to offer a respite holiday to a hundred carers as a welcome break from their daily routines.

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The whole picture of pain – pain management now and in the future

Orion awarded for its collaboration in hiring post docs

Safe medication is everyone’s right

Appropriate medication is an essential part of patient safety. Drug safety refers to both the product itself and the way that it is administered. The responsibility lies with the entire treatment chain, starting with the manufacturer and ending, to some degree, with patients themselves.

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From ideas to innovations – Orion taps into the tacit knowledge in its organisation

Save the Baltic Sea – return unused medicines to your pharmacy

Drug development goes remote

Orion R&D’s own strengths build the foundation for success

Adverse drug reactions are monitored to continuously improve patient safety

During the pandemic, desire to help and flexibility are also needed at a pharmaceutical company

Towards a clean sea – The Baltic Sea region is our home

Does coronavirus affect the availability of Orion’s pharmaceutical products?

We answer the most common questions related to the availability of Orion’s pharmaceutical products.

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Medicine availability remains normal

The coronavirus pandemic has not compromised the supply of medicines in Finland or the rest of the EU. However, should the pandemic continue for a prolonged period, the availability of medicines may be affected.

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From a medicine bottle to a flowerpot – fact and fiction about recycling medicine packages

Pharmaceutical packaging guarantees product integrity and much more

Arrival of digital therapies to support patients and doctors

New digital tools benefit both patients and health care professionals, helping improve the treatment of Parkinson's disease, for example. They may also help ease the challenges of rising health care costs for public spending.

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“It’s time to give back to the Baltic” – Orion provides funding of EUR 48,000 to the John Nurminen Foundation and #OURSEA campaign

This is Orion’s third year as a main sponsor of the John Nurminen Foundation. The Foundation’s new Baltic Sea campaigns will help minimise fertiliser emissions at ports and collect our fondest memories of the Baltic Sea.

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#OURSEA kicks off at Helsinki International Boat Show: “This is the start of a super year for the Baltic Sea”

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In the Yrityskylä learning environment, young people learn how the wheels of society turn

New pharmaceutical research utilising nanobiotechnology in Finland

A new research ecosystem has been set up in Finland in which the country’s leading research organisations, together with the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, Orion Pharma and nanotechnology SMEs, are joining forces to develop new types of nanobiotechnological solutions for the treatment and early diagnostics of severe progressive diseases.

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Orion continues to work for Baltic Sea protection by supporting the #OURSEA campaign

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To ensure patients get their medicines

Orion implements responsible medication and states in its value proposition that it wants to be a medicine cabinet for Finns. Based on this, Orion is the sole manufacturer or distributor of many pharmaceuticals in Finland.

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Artificial intelligence offers new possibilities for Orion's drug development

Investing benefits both investors and society

Orion aims to grow faster than the pharmaceutical market

Research and development are Orion's strengths, and the company will continue to invest in them. The target is to increase net sales 1.5-fold by 2025.

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Energy Genius of the Year symbol for Fermion's plant in Oulu

Outi Vaarala leads innovative work to save cancer patients

The goal of research into rare diseases is to find new and effective treatments

New perspectives into children’s mental health issues

Going abroad was an important career move for Sara Sammallahti. A grant of EUR 50,000 from the Orion Research Foundation made it possible for her to join a group of Dutch and American researchers. Sammallahti is studying the effects of the mother’s well-being during pregnancy on the brain of the foetus.

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A major grant took Suvi Kuosmanen abroad: Fascinated by cardiovascular genomics

Orion Corporation and The Solubility Company enter into collaboration to determine solubility of drug candidates using the innovative SPA method

A novel screening method enables faster and more accurate measurement.

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Orion systematically promotes sustainability in its supply chain

Biosimilars are a cost-effective option among biological medicines

Thanks to biosimilars, an increasing number of patients can receive effective care at a lower pharmaceutical cost.

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A drug’s life cycle must not end in the Baltic Sea

Orion is one of the most popular employers in Finland

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Serialisation improves patient safety