A major grant took Suvi Kuosmanen abroad: Fascinated by cardiovascular genomics

Many important studies on cardiovascular diseases depend on private funding. Researcher Suvi Kuosmanen moved to the United States with her family in July 2019, and is “100% motivated”.

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New perspectives into children’s mental health issues

Going abroad was an important career move for Sara Sammallahti. A grant of EUR 50,000 from the Orion Research Foundation made it possible for her to join a group of Dutch and American researchers. Sammallahti is studying the effects of the mother’s well-being during pregnancy on the brain of the foetus.

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Orion Corporation and The Solubility Company enter into collaboration to determine solubility of drug candidates using the innovative SPA method

A novel screening method enables faster and more accurate measurement.

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Orion systematically promotes sustainability in its supply chain

LEVALS study results assessing the effects of oral levosimendan in patients with ALS published

The Phase 2 clinical trial (LEVALS) show encouraging results: in 66 patients supine SVC was significantly higher after 14 days treatment on oral levosimendan compared to placebo.

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Biosimilars are a cost-effective option among biological medicines

Thanks to biosimilars, an increasing number of patients can receive effective care at a lower pharmaceutical cost.

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A drug’s life cycle must not end in the Baltic Sea

Orion is one of the most popular employers in Finland

In Universum’s student survey on ideal workplaces Orion was ranked third by natural science students.

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Mari Björkman: Cancer research – from idea to product

Serialisation improves patient safety