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Share-based incentive plan for ca. 30 key persons in Orion

The Board of Directors of Orion Corporation has decided today, 24 January 2007, on a new share-based incentive plan for ca. 30 key persons in the Orion Group. The aim of the plan is to encourage them to sustained efforts to increase shareholder value and to strengthen their commitment to the development of the company's operations.
The possible incentive is determined on the basis of the growth of Orion's operating profit in the years 2007 - 2009 and separately agreed personal performance objectives. The incentive is granted in the form of the company's B-shares or cash, or both. The number of shares included in the plan shall not exceed 350,000, corresponding to about 0.25% of the total share stock of Orion Corporation. The recipient may not transfer the bonus shares during the first two years after the date of receipt, except for certain special circumstances.
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