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Space to develop and create – a renewing Orion is a workplace of the future

In five years’ time, automation will be normal at Orion and there will be very little manual work. Decisions will be based on data and operations will be transparent. The Future 2025 project, which covers the whole of Orion, will pave the way for a major transformation.
1/4/2022 Author / Jukka Nortio

Orion has launched a major transformation project, which affects the entire company and every employee. As the project progresses, the changes will also be visible to customers and partners. The project goes under the name of Future 2025.

The project will allow employees to develop and to develop their work. To support these changes, Orion will renew several information systems, such as its ERP and MES systems. The renewal of the HR system and the travel expense billing software will have an impact on employees’ daily work.

“Orion is now changing up a gear in its activities: in the development of production to sales and R&D to competence. This will be possible because we are carrying out comprehensive updating and renewal,” explains Satu Nordlund, Change Management and Competence Lead in the Future 2025 project.

“New information systems alone will not change anything, of course. The key to the transformation will be how Orionees adopt the new methods and use new systems in their work,” says Nordlund.

Communication and dialogue as drivers of change

Two decades ago, Orion made its previous big leap in the renewal of operating methods. This is the same thing, a leap towards an even better Orion.

“The biggest change will take place our mindset. What we do and what we will no longer do – together, we will learn what our work at Orion will consist of in the future,” Nordlund adds. The key to the success of the transformation is in the communications.

According to Nordlund, the transformation will be supported with an atmosphere of trust and open discussion.

“It is important that the feelings, including fears, which arise in response to the transformation are openly brought up and discussed. In the dialogue, each person will be able express his or her opinion on the transformation, and he or she will be heard in the process of advancing the project.”

Decision-making based on better data

As the transformation and digitalisation progress, they will become an increasingly integral part of the daily work of each Orionee. After five years, we will be able to see plenty of changes: Automation and digitalisation will be part of every Orionee’s daily work. The operations will be even more transparent. We will make better decisions. Operations will be more proactive than they are today. All work will support the implementation of Orion’s strategy.

The biggest change to the information systems that will introduce new operating methods will be the renewal of the ERP system.

“The old technologies have reached the end of their life cycle, and they no longer enable us to make the type of development step that we want to make. The systems do not offer the information that is required for development, innovation and our new operating methods,” says Neda Ehsani, Transformation Value Officer, a member of project’s core team.

The introduction of new systems is not an end in itself, but will enable the desired transformation.

During the Future 2025 project, a broad range of the background systems that we use in our daily work will be renewed. The new systems will free up time that used to be spent on mechanical and manual work for work that promotes development.

Benefits to customers, employees and partners

The project will produce many benefits for Orion’s employees, customers and other stakeholders.

“Access to and processing of information will become automated. For Orion and its employees, it is more valuable that working time is used increasingly for development of work, for thinking about new strategies or for team and supervisory work,” says Nordlund.

The development of the MES will result in more fluent logistics, for example, by allowing the customer’s and the transport company’s information systems to be linked directly to Orion’s systems. This will increase the efficiency of the ordering and pick-up of the products from Orion’s plant.

“We are really looking forward to seeing the project make progress and being able to celebrate successes together with Orion as a whole,” say Neda and Satu.