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Orion’s Horizon programme prepares participants for leadership in a changing world

The Horizon programme for experienced supervisors and experts has already provided around 140 Orion employees with training in strategic leadership skills. The programme supports the participants’ competence development and Orion’s growth targets.

The seventh Horizon programme started last spring, bringing together 19 experienced supervisors and experts to deepen their business insight and develop their skills. The purpose of the one-year programme is to strengthen “two-handed management”, which means effective management in the present day and the ability to build future business at the same time.  
“The idea is that the participants learn to manage current business operations and achieve results today and in the short term while also ensuring success in the future,” says Susanna Sevón-Laakso, Team Leader, Learning Solutions. 
The healthcare business environment has changed towards a VUCA world, which is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, all at the same time. The Horizon programme facilitates the participants’ ability to operate in such an environment. 

The Horizon programme lasts for one year and consists of four modules 

The four modules were held in Finland, Zurich, Paris and Berlin. This year, the modules covered the following topics:

  1. Uncertainty Adventure – VUCA Leadership & Intrapreneurship: Leadership in a changing VUCA world.
  2. Exploitation Journey – Thinking Efficiency: Process efficiency, functionality and speed, and change management.
  3. Prototyping Garage – Thinking Customer Understanding: Gaining a deep understanding of customers’ needs.
  4. Exploration Trip – Thinking Innovation & Growth: Exploiting future innovations across business areas. 

The programme partner is the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. The learning methods are action-based, and the exercises are linked to Orion’s operational development. 

Tips for innovative and customer-focused management

The participants have found the programme useful both in terms of Orion’s growth targets and their personal competence development. 
“Horizon has given me tools for innovative and customer-focused management in a changing world. The teaching has been inspiring, and the practical exercises and projects have made it easier to understand each topic. The programme has been a unique experience,” says Carolina Sved, Head of Indirect & Sustainable Procurement. 
Ian Wariner, Country Manager for the UK, says that Horizon has been a learning journey during which the participants have been provided with tools and skills that help them and Orion become even more successful in the future: 
“During Horizon, we’ve had the opportunity to look at various challenges from different perspectives and with different people. The most useful aspect has been getting to know people from different organisations at Orion and working together towards a common goal, often under a tight schedule. The programme as a whole has been hard work, but it has been a rewarding and really great experience.” 
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Focusing on leadership skills, Orion’s Horizon programme:

  • Uses practical examples to teach managers how to manage the present while also creating and ensuring growth in the future. 
  • Is useful for the participants in terms of competence development and networking.
  • Takes about a year to complete and consists of four modules. 
  • Is aimed at experienced supervisors and experts.
  • Supports Orion’s growth targets.