Working in the pharmaceutical industry

Orion is the largest employer in the Finnish pharmaceutical industry. It is considered to be a good and reliable employer, which is also indicated by its lower-than-average employee turnover.

Orion Corporation develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical industry offers a wide variety of challenging career opportunities in pharmaceutical research and development, and pharmaceutical production, for example. Orion also employs professionals in business, engineering and the humanities.

Multi-disciplinary collaboration

We typically work in teams and in projects that involve people from many different professions. Multi-disciplinary collaboration and open interaction are prerequisites for job satisfaction, development and new ideas.

A large corporation has plenty of room for different kinds of personalities. We need people from different backgrounds in our work community, because interaction between viewpoints offers fertile ground for innovation.

Our values tell about Orion as a working community and what kind of people are needed here. We appreciate a positive attitude, competence, innovative approach and aspiration towards the best possible results.