Orion is one of the most popular employers in Finland

In Universum’s student survey on ideal workplaces Orion was ranked fourth by natural science students.


Orion was ranked among the most attractive employers in Finland also this year when Orion was ranked fourth by natural science students. In addition of that Orion was mentioned as one of the most attractive employers by medicine and health students. Last year 2019 Orion was very successful in Universum's professional survey when Orion was ranked first by medicine and health professionals and third by natural science professionals.

Thank you for these honours! We will do our best that we can be the most attractive employer for you also in the future!


In Universum’s student survey on ideal workplaces Orion was ranked third by natural science students, with the Natural Resources Institute Finland being their number one choice and the Finnish Environment Institute coming in second. The results were announced on 15 May 2019.

“Third place is a great achievement and makes us very proud and happy. This is also an award for our systematic work to continuously improve our employer brand over the long term,” commented Olli Huotari, Senior Vice President, Corporate Functions.

Nearly 13,000 students responded to the survey

Universum’s student survey offers Finnish students an opportunity to express their views on employers and working life. The results reveal what students appreciate in their dream employer: Finnish students’ expectations of their future job focus on variety, work-life balance and meaningfulness. They also appreciate a competitive salary, support from their supervisor and training opportunities.

Orion has every reason to be proud

In the survey, Finnair and Google remained among the ideal employers in the commercial sector, while Marimekko surprised with its high ranking. Technology students preferred Kone, ABB and Wärtsilä. IT students listed Google, Microsoft and Supercell as their favourites. In other words, Orion is in excellent company.

Being ranked third place by natural science students is a great achievement and indicates that we are headed in the right direction in terms of employer image.

“In a potential job, natural science students most appreciate variety, a competitive salary, a friendly atmosphere, job stability, ethical standards and good references for future jobs. The students recognise these factors in Orion, and the company can be really proud of this,” says Mika Sallinen, Country Manager at Universum.

Orion has earned high rankings among natural science students in previous years as well. It has been among the four best employers since 2015. However, maintaining a high ranking in the future will require more work and investment:

“In the future, success will require learning faster than the surrounding world changes. Employers must also be able to offer jobs that are in line with this reality. With competition for the best talent intensifying, this is the only way for employers to remain attractive,” Sallinen continues.

Universum Awards press release (in Finnish) 


Written by: Anni Turpeinen

15 May, 2019