Orion’s renewal project is making progress – the newest member of the project team, Tiia Vainionpää, is a lifelong learner

The purpose of the Future 2025 project is to make Orion into a more modern, efficient and attractive place to work. Ways of working will be updated and the results will ease daily activities: the aim of digitised processes and a reduction in paperwork will be to create new opportunities for developing the skills of Orionees and help employees feel happier at work. The latest addition to the Future 2025 project team, Tiia Vainionpää, has been involved in the implementation of many change projects and is looking forward to working as part of the team.

Tiia Vainionpää thrives on learning new things. Originally trained as a chemical lab technician, she completed a bachelor’s degree in data processing during her first parental leave and another one in business administration during her second parental leave. At the moment, she is studying project management at a university of applied sciences. 

“I love learning new things and gaining a broader understanding of matters. The best thing about my work at Orion is precisely this: to embrace new things – and to be successful in these together with my team.” 

Tiia’s taste for learning and positive attitude to renewal are ideal for her role as Program Engineer in the Future 2025 project. Future 2025 is a joint effort and a giant leap towards a modern and efficient Orion. In this journey it’s good have an open mind towards learning new things. Thanks to her experience in change management, she is well-versed in what it takes to renew an organisation. 

“The most important things are people and commitment. Everyone, from personnel to management level, needs to be ready to commit to the process. After all, we are creating something that is new and good for us all and that will make our lives at work easier.” 

Extensive experience provides perspective 

A CrossFit enthusiast and a familiar sight on Hyvinkää’s jogging trails, Tiia’s role at Orion focuses on change and risk management processes. Her extensive experience in information system and change projects has given her the ability to grasp processes on the system level. Furthermore, her 25-year-long career at Orion is a unique asset when scrutinising the company’s working methods. 

“I have experienced several change processes. My first step is always to gain the widest possible understanding of what the company is looking to achieve with a project. Big picture thinking allows you to bring a much broader range of perspectives into a project,” Tiia says. 

“In change projects, it is important to remember to celebrate even the smallest of successes, especially if the overall process is a major, long-term effort.” 

Future 2025 will eliminate some of the complex and manual work stages. As a result, searching for information from the various systems will be become much more straightforward. The aim is to upgrade Orionees’ professional practices and to improve everyone’s competence and sense of accomplishment at work. Tiia also keeps human-centricity in mind. 

“We must always look at things from a user and usability perspective,” Tiia says. 

Change creates competitiveness 

In the pharmaceutical industry, change and development are vital. For example, outdated methods in product development cannot produce innovations at the required speed in this highly competitive sector. Modern methods are, in other words, essential. Tiia also points out that as a forward-looking company, Orion is also improving its image as an employer. 

“To remain a sought-after employer, Orion must continually regenerate itself. We must be able to offer modern tools in order to be viewed by top talent as a potential place to work: here at Orion we invest in the latest technology and state-of the-art tools.” 

Tiia praises the ambitious goals set for Future 2025. Only too often companies settle for what they know because they are unable to see the opportunities around them. 

“At its best, change happens when a small word or suggestion can make us think: hang on a minute, there’s another way to do this!” 

The Orion of the future is inspiring 

Tiia’s view of the future of Orion is confidently optimistic. 

“I expect that by 2025 we will have already achieved quite a transformation. The digital leap and Future 2025 projects will be well underway, and we will be starting to reap the tangible benefits of our work,” Tiia says. 

“Orion will have dramatically increased its automation and digital capabilities. I also see that, from the perspective of project management, we will have made great progress in a number of major projects. We will be more competitive as an employer and as a company.” 

The journey towards a more modern and efficient Orion is in its full swing. On our shared path we will all be able to benefit from Tiia’s proactive attitude towards learning. In 2025, we will have more modern and efficient processes at work, which will support us in our daily goals. And, in all likelihood, Tiia will have ventured into learning yet another new area of expertise.