The Future 2025 programme is creating Orion’s future

Preparing for the future, Orion has started an extensive programme towards renewal. New technology will be used to modernise and further develop processes and ways of working in the coming years.

During the programme, Orion will renew its most significant information systems, such as SAP, and integrate new technology into day-to-day work. The changes aim for better productivity and operational planning, as well as better daily management by information and transparency in the various parts of the chain.

The changes will be implemented gradually through several projects. The whole project will last for three years.

During the Future 2025 programme, new ways of working will be created within Orion’s own operations and for cooperation with partners.

The Orion of the future is a modern and highly efficient company that uses data extensively in its operations, has improved productivity through automation and uses state-of-the art tools. This work also contributes to Orion employees’ competence, success and job satisfaction.