Developing competence at Orion

We want to be the best and most successful in our industry when it comes to promoting well-being and health. This means that we must continuously renew ourselves and improve as individuals and a community. Orion supports the professional growth of its personnel in many ways.

Developing the competence of Orion’s personnel is based on our strategy and goals: competence development promotes our business.  We want to ensure that everyone at Orion has the competence to meet their goals.

Training, mentoring and job rotation

We have been focusing on developing the skills of our supervisors and experts for a long time. We develop leadership skills systematically in accordance with Orion’s leadership principles. Our methods include comprehensive training programmes for supervisors and experts, and 360 and 180 assessments.

Orion offers its personnel a broad range of internal training. Competence development methods also include mentoring where top experts and experienced supervisors share knowledge and experiences with less experienced employees, and experts from different fields exchange knowledge.

On-the-job learning is a key development method at Orion. In annual performance reviews every employee draws up an individual development plan with their supervisor. Orion has also defined career paths to encourage employees to expand and deepen their competence. Job rotation and more challenging tasks help everyone to grow professionally.