Orion Corporation and The Solubility Company enter into collaboration to determine solubility of drug candidates using the innovative SPA method

A novel screening method enables faster and more accurate measurement.

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Living with asthma – national programmes and the development of medical treatment help patients breathe more freely

Finland is known as a model country for treating asthma. We have actively implemented effective medications. Today, severe asthma is rare.

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Orion is one of the most popular employers in Finland

In Universum’s student survey on ideal workplaces Orion was ranked third by natural science students.

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Orion systematically promotes sustainability in its supply chain

A drug’s life cycle must not end in the Baltic Sea

While Orion treats its industrial wastewater in a highly developed process, it also invests in environmental responsibility throughout the products’ life cycle in many other ways. The goal is to keep the Baltic Sea cleaner than it is now and nature free from pharmaceutical residues.

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Biosimilars are a cost-effective option among biological medicines

Thanks to biosimilars, an increasing number of patients can receive effective care at a lower pharmaceutical cost.

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Riikka Oksala: Research requires strong teamwork

Helping patients is the greatest motivation for the research team at Orion. Even the smallest successes inspire the researcher to work harder.

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Mari Björkman: Cancer research – from idea to product

ALS is a rare, progressing disease

A doctor in the pharmaceutical industry

"The tasks of a doctor in the pharmaceutical industry are versatile and educational", says Kristiina Kuismanen.

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Working for a cleaner Baltic Sea

Dogs are prone to fear noise

Asthma medication, spirometry, corticosteroids – what are they all about?