Management statement

Statement by CEO Timo Lappalainen in our Sustainability Report for 2019

Orion’s mission is to build well-being. We have defined continuous improvement in sustainability as one of our strategic targets. In 2019, we also started a strategic development project regarding sustainability with the aim of crystallizing what sustainability truly means for us and how it is vital for all of us at Orion in our everyday work.

Shared values and ways to operate

The year started with the launch of our renewed values: ‘appreciate each other’, ‘strive for excellence’ and ‘build the future’. These shared values are the cornerstone of our everyday actions.

In addition to renewing our values, we revised and updated Orion’s Code of Conduct (CoC), which sets out the code for everything we do. The revision was done to meet today’s requirements and to ensure that that the CoC guides our business practices in all relevant topics. We published the CoC in 14 languages and revised the content to bring the code closer to all stakeholder groups. We will launch a Code of Conduct e-learning in 2020 to support Orionees to familiarise themselves with the Code.

Sustainability Agenda defined

In 2019, we continued to build the solid foundation for Orion’s sustainability approach by defining the Group’s sustainability agenda. The key themes of our sustainability agenda are patient safety and ensuring the reliable supply of medications, manufacturing products in an environmentally sustainable way, responsibility for Orionees, and business ethics and transparency.

We also defined our commitments on sustainability and revisited targets, KPIs and set actions to enable our continuous improvement in sustainability. The steps we have taken support us in the journey of integrating sustainability into our everyday work.

Emphasis on the availability of medications

Uninterupted availability of medications is a challenge for the entire pharmaceuticals industry. By ensuring reliability and quality through the value chain and by building responsible networks, we enable the availability of medicine to those who need it.

The availability of Orion’s pharmaceuticals in Finland remained at a good level, with an availability of 97% in 2019. We will continue to put emphasis on the systematic work to ensure the availability of our medications.

Combatting climate change

Climate change requires global actions, and we recognise Orion’s role to contribute. We have set an ambitious climate target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions: a reduction of 75% by 2025. In 2019, we were already successful in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 55%. One of the major contributors to this reduction was Orion’s operations in Finland starting to use 100% renewable electricity. In 2020, we will continue our work towards our climate target.

This progress could not have been achieved without competent and committed Orionees. I want to thank all Orionees, our partners and suppliers for the valuable contribution to our successful year in 2019. Integrating sustainability into everything we do is a journey with strong cooperation between all stakeholders.

Timo Lappalainen
President and CEO