Recognitions and awards received by Orion

Some of our rankings deserve to be mentioned. We are proud and happy to be awarded for our efforts in building well-being.

Chemical Industry Innovation Award 2014

Orion Corporation and PerkinElmer Finland shared the year 2014 Innovation Award of EUR 20,000, granted by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland. Orion Corporation was awarded for its developmental medicinal treatment for the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and PerkinElmer Finland for its method for screening immuno deficiency in newborns.

Along with the ageing population, the disorders related to Alzheimer’s disease are becoming an increasingly challenging problem. Orion’s developmental drug discovery acts with new kinds of mechanisms on the neuropsychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The treatment is currently being studied in clinical research phases in partnership with Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

The purpose of the Innovation Award is to encourage research and product development teams of companies, universities and research institutes to develop new chemical products and services. The Award is granted biannually, and the winners are selected by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Chemical Industry Federation. The 2014 Award was granted for healthcare innovations which can significantly improve the quality of our lives.

“Innovation Award winners are excellent examples of Finnish high-tech knowhow and the fact that a lot of new ground is broken and many good things are happening in Finland. The winners represent the chemical industry at its best ─ inventions and innovations which promote well-being and improve the society,” said Timo Leppä, Director General of The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, at the award sharing event on 15 April 2014.

Mover of the Year 2012

In March 2013, Orion was awarded as the ‘Mover of the year 2012’ as an acknowledgement by TEA, an organisation for workplace sports, of Orion’s long-term support and promotion of sporting activities at the workplace. Orion motivates its employees in many ways to sporting and to taking care of their physical condition. Orion especially promotes the employees’ team sporting clubs, in which team spirit is enhanced, well-being is built and, as an additional bonus, the members get motivated by success in tournaments and doing things together.

Ideal workplace

In the annual employer image survey conducted by Universum among students in 2013, Orion was ranked as the second-most ideal employer in Finland by students of engineering or natural sciences. Ideal employers in the fields of technology were regarded to be more responsible than others. Orion’s ranking jumped up to Nr. 2 from the previous year’s 11. As many as 10,519 university level students responded to the survey, 2,939 students representing engineering or natural sciences.

Recognition for Excellence

Orion has been granted  the ‘Recognised for Excellence’ award by Excellence Finland (Laatukeskus), a Finnish central organisation for promoting quality and a member of the European EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). The recognition was presented by the President of the Republic of Finland Tarja Halonen at the quality awards ceremony in Helsinki on 10 November 2011, the World Quality Day.

The assessment criteria for granting the recognition for quality are those based on the EFQM Excellence Award. Operational quality is assessed from the aspects of leadership, strategy, people, partnerships, processes and products and services, using a variety of performance indicators.  The awarded companies represent excellent performance meeting the criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model. Read more>>

Chemical Industry Innovation Award 2010 to Orion Diagnostica

The surface cleaning test Orion Clean Card® PRO, developed by Orion Diagnostica in collaboration with VTT (The Technical Research centre of Finland), was awarded with the Innovation Award of Chemical Industry Finland in spring 2010. The test is a new-generation chemical test for assessing and monitoring surface cleanliness. The test card, which is manufactured by roll-to-roll printing, is simple and rapid to use. The surface to be monitored is simply moistened and wiped with the test card. The result is available immediately, as a colour change indicates if protein residues remain on the surface.

The innovation successfully combines chemical expertise with various materials and advanced printing technology. In its reasoning, the Scientific Advisory Board emphasized the innovation’s multidisciplinary nature and the productive collaboration between the corporate and research sectors. The product has broad potential in the surface hygiene verification in fields like food industry and hospitals.