Energy Genius of the Year symbol for Fermion's plant in Oulu

Last summer, an investment was made at Fermion's plant in Oulu, which means that the premises and process water are now warmed with heat produced by the plant. The flash steam released from process condensate is recovered and utilised after passing through a heat exchanger. The investment was chosen as one of the winners of the Motiva Energy Genius of the Year competition.

The decision to purchase a heat exchanger was made in connection with an energy audit carried out at Fermion's plant in Oulu. During the audit it was noticed that the steam released from process condensate, the flash steam, could be utilized in the heating system.

A preliminary estimate found that it would be possible for 100% of the flash steam to be recovered and utilised. According to the cost estimate drawn up in the report, the heat exchanger system’s payback period would be 3.4 years.

“The utilization of flash steam has been a great success. The heat exchanger produces more than was calculated. Now we have the positive problem of what to do with all the recovered heat”, says Timo Meri, Energy Efficiency Manager.

Overall, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 42,700 kg per year. The positive experiences gained from this project have prompted the identification and implementation of similar opportunities to utilise waste heat at plants in other locations.

Successful outcome deserves to win

This year for the first time, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Energy Authority and the state's Sustainable Development Company Motiva rewarded the most deserving acts of energy efficiency with the Energy Genius of the Year 2019 symbol. Symbols were awarded for a total of five different energy efficiency measures. In its selections, the jury emphasized the impact, efficiency, inventiveness, inspiring effect, replicability and scalability of the actions.

The Energy Genius of the Year 2019 symbols were awarded to a new type of grocery store energy recycling system created together by Kesko and Granlund Oy; a concept developed by schools in Lapua for teaching and learning energy skills (Future Energy Skills and Gamification); an energy solution for an outdoor swimming pool implemented in collaboration by the City of Tampere and Tampereen Sähkölaitos; the recovery of flash steam at the Fermion plant in the Orion Group and the waste of energy walks and monitoring devised by family company MSK Plast.