Save the Baltic Sea – return unused medicines to your pharmacy

Drug residues that end up in water systems can damage the delicate ecosystem of seas and lakes. We can all help to improve the state of the Baltic Sea by taking old and unused medicines to the medicine collection points at pharmacies.

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Adverse drug reactions are monitored to continuously improve patient safety

The Baltic Sea Day inspires Finns to protect their sea

Orion’s Sustainability Report 2019: Good progress was made towards the targets - but more work is needed

Pharmaceutical packaging guarantees product integrity and much more

From a medicine bottle to a flowerpot – fact and fiction about recycling medicine packages

Towards a clean sea – The Baltic Sea region is our home

Drug residues can be reduced at every stage of a product life cycle

Medicines are an important part of our lives and wellbeing, and we struggle to imagine a world without them. Unfortunately, however, human activities tend to leave imprints in the natural environment, and medicines are no exception: they leave residues. A major portion of the residues ends up in the natural environment through waterways.

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Carbon Footprint Assessment of Orion’s Dry Powder Inhalers

“It’s time to give back to the Baltic” – Orion provides funding of EUR 48,000 to the John Nurminen Foundation and #OURSEA campaign

This is Orion’s third year as a main sponsor of the John Nurminen Foundation. The Foundation’s new Baltic Sea campaigns will help minimise fertiliser emissions at ports and collect our fondest memories of the Baltic Sea.

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#OURSEA kicks off at Helsinki International Boat Show: “This is the start of a super year for the Baltic Sea”

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Orion continues to work for Baltic Sea protection by supporting the #OURSEA campaign

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To ensure patients get their medicines

Orion implements responsible medication and states in its value proposition that it wants to be a medicine cabinet for Finns. Based on this, Orion is the sole manufacturer or distributor of many pharmaceuticals in Finland.

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Proper disposal of pharmaceutical waste

Gypsum on fields protects the Baltic Sea from eutrophication

Energy Genius of the Year symbol for Fermion's plant in Oulu

Serialisation improves patient safety

Orion systematically promotes sustainability in its supply chain

A drug’s life cycle must not end in the Baltic Sea

Our practices in approving suppliers

The numerous suppliers of goods and services, and subcontractors from whom we procure products and services are elementary contributors to our operations and performance, affecting our overall quality. Read here how we ensure that our sources of supply fulfill our requirements.

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Sustainable pharmaceutical product lifecycle management

Working for a cleaner Baltic Sea for Parkinson's patients provides information about Parkinson’s disease, support for patients and their caregivers, and tips and tools for coping in everyday life - all in an easily understandable format.

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Recognitions and awards received by Orion

Some of our rankings deserve to be mentioned. We are proud and happy to be awarded for our efforts in building well-being.

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