Our approach to corporate responsibility

Code of Conduct

Orion's Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of our responsible operations. It guides our daily work and the principles are the same for every Orion employee in each of our operating countries. We also expect our partners to operate in a responsible manner.

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Human Resources Policy

EHS Policy

The Environmental, Health and Safety Policy determines how all units and organisations belonging to the Orion Group are committed to promoting the well-being of the environment and the workplace.

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Quality Policy

Supplier requirements

By making sure that our sources of supply fulfil our requirements we can ensure the uncompromised quality and safety of our products to their users. Read here what qualifications are anticipated from our sources of supply.

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Anti-Corruption Policy

The purpose of the Anti-Corruption Policy of the Orion Group is to prevent and detect corruption. Orion's tolerance towards all forms of bribery and corruption is zero.

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Pharmaceutical R&D Ethics Policy

Our aim is to work in accordance with the requirements, standards and ethical codes of our industry in our pharmaceutical research and development activities too. Our R&D Policy highlights how we make sure that our practices are on an ethically sustainable basis. 

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