Responsibility for Orionees

Orion is an organisation consisting of over 3,000 highly educated professionals. We want to be a company that offers meaningful working opportunities in a well-managed and safe working environment in which people are treated equally and fairly. Our employees are encouraged to further their personal development. We believe that well-being at work results from collaboration and joint efforts.

Promoting equality and fairness

Orion’s Human Resources Policy provides the framework for establishing equal opportunities plans in all countries in which we have operations, while observing local country-specific legislation. Our sites in Finland comply with the equality plan drawn up to support and promote equality at the workplace in recruitment, payroll systems, work-life balance and educational opportunities. When developing working conditions and operational practices, we observe the aspects of equality. The working group for the development of equality at our Finnish sites consists of representatives of all employee groups and the employer.

In our Finnish operations, salary equality is assessed using a salary mapping method as specified in the Finnish Act on Equality between Women and Men. The outcome of the mapping is reviewed and assessed by Orion’s management and employee representatives and, when necessary, corrective measures are agreed upon.

We take the opinions of employees into consideration in the decision-making process regarding human resources and when imple¬menting decisions. In addition to mandatory employer-employee forums, our managers and HR department have regular informal meetings with employees and employee representatives.

Recruiting people

Orion provides opportunities for a wide range of professionals with variable educational and professional backgrounds. We want to be an attractive employer to talented professionals.

Our recruitment aims to find competent and motivated employees to support our current and future objectives. Recruitment also offers us opportunities to develop the competences within our organisation. Internal mobility via job rotation is promoted. Job rotation is seen as a means for driving change and as an opportunity for professional development within Orion.

Orion aims to be an attractive employer for future talents. We offer summer job and thesis assignment opportunities to students in various positions in our company. In addition, we offer a specific summer trainee programme for university students. The ‘Phase 1’ summer trainee programme provides opportunities for university students to gain hands-on experience in the fields of natural, pharmaceutical, technical or economical sciences.

Promoting personnel development and good performance

Orion promotes competence development and provides numerous training opportunities on a wide range of topics related to job-specific tasks and practices in the workplace. We offer Orionees both internal and external training opportunities. Our aim is for our employees to have the necessary competencies to support implementation of the Orion strategy. Managers are responsible for ensuring that everyone in their organisation is familiar with Orion’s strategic targets, the department-level objectives well as their personal objectives. Managers also play a key role in the competence development of the organisation and the employees, which is why we continue to invest in developing the skills of our managers.

Group-level competence requirements derived from the strategy are determined annually by our senior managers. The corresponding requirements of operational units and functions are determined by their management teams, and the requirements for departments and individual tasks are determined by departments and in the Succeeding Together! discussions. During these discussions, the level of required competences is also assessed and the development needs defined.

Our leadership principles outline the Orion way of leading people and how to act as a member of working community. Our leadership principles are Appreciative Leadership, Brave Leadership, and Collaborative Leadership. We offer a Group-level training programme called ‘As a leader in Orion’ for developing management and leadership skills. Management training is mandatory for all managers in all countries. This is how our management culture, policies and principles are equally implemented in all locations throughout Orion.

For developing competences and ways of working, we offer a training programme called ‘As a specialist in Orion’ for employees working in specialists positions. The programme includes topics such as business understanding, communication and collaboration.

We also promote Orion-tailored training programmes for competence development in strategic topics such as leadership, business understanding and partnership management. These training sessions are offered to managers, specialists and middle and top management. Some training sessions are compulsory, such as several Good Manufacturing Practices and environment, health and safety courses.

Employees’ professional skills play a vital role in maintaining the quality and safety of Orion’s products, as is the regulatory compliance of the manufacturing process. The regulatory requirement provides that all the employees whose performance directly or indirectly affects the quality or the safety of a medicine shall receive regular Good Manufacturing Practices training and that conclusively traceable documentation is available on their competence, training history and familiarisation with the guidance concerning required operational practices. Our training data system helps us manage the competence requirements of individual tasks in our supply chain and quality operations as well as information on the employees’ qualifications and training history, with precise documentation.

All our new employees receive a comprehensive induction to their job. In addition to position-specific inductions, Orion has an eOnboarding programme to support the introduction to the company and, for example, to our strategy, operational practices and business environment.

In 2019, we applied 360- and 180-degree evaluations in Orion across the board as tools for developing competences. In the 360-degree evaluation, managers received personal feedback from their subordinates, colleagues and their own manager. In addition, representatives of our external partners could be asked to give feedback with the purpose of supporting the development of strategic partner collaboration. Employees in expert positions received 180-degree feedback from their managers and colleagues. Team leaders with no formal managerial position were also evaluated through a questionnaire.

The purpose of our talent management process is to promote every employee’s career opportunities and development possibilities and to ensure that we have enough people with the ability to renew and change. Personal wishes for career and development shall be discussed with the manager in the Succeeding Together! discussion.

We are conducting performance reviews annually and the entire workforce is subject to them. The Succeed Together! discussion is a tool to discuss how the Group targets are linked to the individual employee’s position. As a part of those discussions, we are setting personal targets and overviewing performance during the review period. Also, we are assessing needed actions to develop competencies and support well-being at work.

Health, safety and well-being at work

We want to ensure that each and every Orionee gets to go home after the working day safe and healthy. By managing the health risks at Orion, we ensure that each employee is fit for work and not exposed to occupational diseases. We want to provide our employees with a healthy and safe working environment and a fully functioning working community, supported by an inspiring working atmosphere and good management.

We are committed to improving our performance. Our long-term target is zero accidents. In addition, we have set two Group-level key performance indicators related to occupational health, safety and well-being: lost time incident frequency of own employees (LTIF 1) target was 3.0 for 2021. Also, we target to decrease absences due to illness.

Our occupational safety and well-being activities focus on the prevention of hazardous situations and occupational diseases and injuries. Well-being actions at work also aim to promote and support the working and functioning capacities of each Orionee. We monitor our progress towards our health and well-being objectives with the help of a variety of other indicators, such as responses from employee health surveys. Particular attention is paid to absences due to musculoskeletal problems.

In accordance with our EHS Policy, our occupational health and safety activities are managed with the guiding principle of continuous improvement. The practices applied in the management and development of occupational health and safety are determined in the Group’s EHS management system, built upon the principles set out in the ISO standards. In the EHS management system, procedures are determined for predicting, preventing and identifying nonconformities and exceptional situations potentially hazardous to the environment, occupational health or safety, and corrective actions to be taken.