Business ethics and transparency

Doing business in a responsible manner means that we are a good corporate citizen with high ethical standards, solid corporate governance and strong financial performance. We also expect high ethical standards from our partners. We communicate transparently and in a timely manner to our stakeholders.

Ensuring human rights throughout the value chain

At Orion we respect internationally recognised human rights in all of our activities and promote them in practice. We are committed to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and expect the same from our business partners. We do not accept or encourage activities violating human rights or participate in any such activities.

Mutual trust, respect and diversity are at the core of our values. We do not accept discrimination in any form. We do not tolerate the use of child labour or forced labour in any of our operations, nor in any such operations of our suppliers or partners.

Human rights are integrated to our corporate governance practices and our supplier management due diligence processes.

We respect the freedom of association of our employees and their right to form trade unions. According to the Group’s general principle of legal compliance, Orion follows the legislation and binding collective agreements. This is also recorded in our Human Resources Policy, which is part of the Group’s Corporate Governance Manual.

Sustainable global supply chain management

Orion has a vast network of suppliers in over 50 countries. Our supplier base supplies us with packaging materials, raw materials (e.g. active pharmaceutical ingredients) and products. In addition, we rely on outside partners for the supply of services and materials to support our core businesses (referred to as indirect procurement). Orion’s own activities cover only part of the value chain of our products and we recognise the importance of ensuring and developing sustainable supply chain management. This is essential as many of our sustainability risks are related to our global supply chain and as most potential for reducing our product’s environmental impact lies in manufacturing stage.

At Orion, we continuously aim to reduce our environmental burden and manage the social risks in our supply chain. In addition to our own efforts, we see that a common vision and shared responsibility is an effective way to improve and develop best practices in sustainable supply chain management. Orion is a member of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), an industry initiative focusing on promoting and continuously improving the pharmaceutical supply chain in the areas of labour, ethics, environment, health and safety, and responsible procurement practices. Orion has included the PSCI Principles in the Orion Third Party Code of Conduct. We actively participate in PSCI committees, share information within the network and utilize the sustainable supply chain management tools that PSCI offers.

Open and transparent communication

As a pharmaceutical company, our communication is to be reliable, transparent, comprehensive and timely. Orion has, for over 10 years, reported on its sustainability performance. Since 2017, non-financial reporting on sustainability topics has been included in the Financial Statements documents.

We are promoting the company’s interests, such as by taking part in public dialogue and influencing decision-makers. We influence political decision-making mainly via relevant industry associations. All promotion of interest is done in accordance with Orion’s general business policy and EU and national regulations. We do not support political activities.

Ethical marketing and communications

Orion’s sales and marketing organisations for pharmaceuticals primarily follow the locally valid legislation concerning medicinal products, marketing, consumers and competition, the International Code on Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice as well as the Orion Group’s Code of Conduct and internal guidelines, which adhere to the principles to the EFPIA Codes of Practice. The management responsibilities in our pharmaceutical sales and marketing operations have been arranged to meet the requirements of the relevant legislations in their respective countries and Orion’s relevant standard operational procedures and internal codes.

When preparing marketing communications and materials, we follow the procedures determined by healthcare authorities for checking and confirming the legal, regulatory and ethical compliance of the content before the material is released for use and publication.

We organise training for our sales and marketing organisation on the industry codes and practices and Orion’s practices and principles on a regular basis.

Healthcare professionals as collaboration partners

Doctors and other healthcare professionals, as well as the organisations they work for, are important collaboration partners for the pharmaceutical industry. They provide valuable clinical expert knowledge for the development and improvement of medicinal treatments. Healthcare professionals can in turn benefit for further education and exchange of information offered by the pharmaceutical industry in different forums.

We are a part of the healthcare system and provide training to 13,500 healthcare professionals annually in Finland. These include doctors, pharmacists, medical students and nurses.

In order to increase the transparency of the different forms of interaction and the related financial compensation, Orion has chosen to publicly disclose the details of its compensation to the healthcare professionals with the right to prescribe and deliver medicines. We have reported this data stating transfers of value on an individual basis for each identifiable recipient annually since 2016. We believe that being transparent and publishing the compensation paid to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations for the time spent working with us builds an understanding of this collaboration and helps foster trust with stakeholders. We disclose all the payments made to healthcare professionals based on the work done for all the countries in which we have our own operations. We do not make any payments to healthcare professionals for promotional purposes. Disclosure reports are available on our public web pages and are accessible for each country. Individual healthcare professionals can however prevent their names from being disclosed in the report based on their legal right to privacy.

The information we share with doctors, pharmacies and patients regarding medicinal products is in accordance with the product characteristics confirmed by regulatory medicinal authorities on the basis of the results of the research and the data collected in clinical use.