Orion Contract Manufacturing: Services & Facilities

Experienced manufacturer of several dosage forms

Orion has four modern pharmaceutical plants all located in Finland. We manufacture hormonal gels and solutions, small volume parenterals, tablets, capsules (conventional and cytostatic), dry powder inhalers, creams, ointments and liquids, including nasals, for global markets.


We can offer a wide range of services

As a full-scale pharma company Orion has broad experience in providing it's contract manufacturing customers with extensive services from R&D support to regulatory know-how and comprehensive supply chain operations.


Technology transfer and project management

Orion has vast experience in technology transfer projects with various customers. We utilize modern project management tools that have proven themselves in practice.


Excellent customer service

Our contract manufacturing customers range from small/virtual to big pharma companies. Our services are tailored to meet each customer's specific expectations, excellent service level and our flexible, service-oriented way of working makes us your partner of choice.


Special expertise in hormonal semi-solids and solutions

We have decades of experience in working with hormonal gels and solutions and we constantly develop our capabilities in this area. In July 2014 we started operations in our new production department and we also have two new manufacturing units taken in use in the last two years. We are happy to offer our services in this strong area of ours.


Dosage forms:

  • Hormonal cream, gel, solution, spray
  • Tablet & capsule, also cytotoxic
  • Cream, gel, ointment, liquid, solution
  • Nasal spray, rectal enema, oral syringe
  • Sterile injectable vial & ampoule
  • Packaging & serialization
  • API custom development & manufacturing
  • Veterinary, high potent & controlled substances